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    you wonderful ladies have been great and i appreciate your help and support so much! i have yet another question lol what age have you ladies gotten your children the neuropsychologist evaluations? i talked to difficult child's behavior specialist yesterday and expressed to her that i would like him to have one. she didnt shoot me right down so i think we are making progress lol but she did say she wasnt sure about being able to get a good evaluation of what may be going on at his age, 3 years, because the neuropsychologist is alot of questions and she said, and i agree mostly, that difficult child may not be able to answer most of the questions. so i was wondering if we may have to wait a bit, or are there neuropsychs who specifically work with children this young? im hoping that when we go to his neurology apt on the 23rd that all this worrying will be for nothing and she will have answers and names to refer us to, but im also not going to hold my breath....she hasnt exactly wowed us with her ability to help Know what I mean?? i think if i dont get the answers i will be calling his pediatrician and having him referred over to my neurologists office, they have a dr, an actual md, not a crnp, that takes peds and they take my primary insurance. and im sorry if i offended anyone with the crnp remark, ive had good and bad experience with them, this time just deosnt seem to be a very good one. anyways now that ive rambled.....thanks again for any help!
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    Ours was done just around 5 yrs of age.
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    A developmental pediatrician would be another good option, and one that often is more likely to be covered by insurance. The full name of the specialty is developmental and behavioral pediatrics.

    If there's a neuropsyc in the area, you might want to call and see at what age they feel is a good age for an initial evaluation. Often with very young children it might be a more scaled back evaluation by the neuropsychologist with a more in depth evaluation prior to the start of school if needed. Also, speech and occupational therapy is always good to look into so those bases are covered.
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    We found that Neurologists did NOT have a clue about issues that cause behavioral concerns. We got the brainwave tests, etc. but they didn't know about, say, high functioning autism. Nada.
    NeuroPsychs do a lot of observation as well as verbal testing. Your son's inability to answer age appropriately would be a clue. His level of imaginative play and ability to transition from activity to activity would be other clues. I would still go with the neuropsychologist. A Behavioral Therapist is hardly an expert on them. If you still feel like that's not a good option, I'd go to a Developmental Pediatrician. I would not listen to the BT. I'd make up my own mind. That's what we did. We went with our own gut when walking the journey of our son. In the end, questioning the professionals was worth it!
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    oh im definatly going with my gut here! thank you for the help, at least now i kinda know what direction to look. i feel so completely inadequate dealing with this stuff so all your help is greatly appreciated!