Ah, for the love of animals ... sneaking pot


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Just found this* under the head of the guest room bed. The filter was in the LR.
Did a quick search on Google and found that tobacco, fruit flavors, and weed are often combined. I bet that's what this is. It is very strong, reminding me of a tobacco shed in Virginia I once went to. Definitely, the tobacco could overpower any other smell, which I suspect is the point. Not to mention it would be less expensive.
I'll be watching the cats and dogs from now on to make sure they're not having too much fun!
And I'll be stopping by a smoke shop to get this checked out.
Depending upon the results, maybe the police.
Yes, it's 2:44 a.m. I went to bed at 9, exhausted. Terrier kept whining and licking me. After a couple of hrs, he jumped off the bed and scratched at the door.
Followed him downstairs, and difficult child was still awake, watching TV, food everywhere, including the floor. Looks like a bomb went off.
Now he's barking in the dark. I think he's high. (The dog, not my son.) Kind of creepy. In the daytime it would just be annoying.
* http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v252/TerryJ2/cigfilter1.jpg


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It's pretty hard to get high from one joint (is that what they call it these days?) I had a lot of friends who liked drugs and I'd go the parties with them and the whole place would be one big pot cigarette and only a few times did I feel the affects. I'm just guessing that Rover is more feeling like something is wrong and trying to protect you and Difficult Child...dogs are funny that way. On the other hand, I have never seen a dog high so I can't say for sure :cool_dog::cool_dog:

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Oh my goodness!! You almost have to laugh at it. You really need to write a book about your "adventures with a Difficult Child"


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Terry. Can you please slow down the craziness so the rest of us can actually follow the story? :rofl:

Hugs. I know what it's like to be up at 2:44 a.m. And I'm NOT a morning person.

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Why don't we all write a book. Chicken soup for the Parent Emeritus' soul. We could each write a chapter!
Except the stories would not be all warm and fuzzy.
But what category would it be in? Self Help, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Stranger than fiction:bigsmile:


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Yep, definitely a blunt! What made you look behind the guest room bed? That's enough for several folks to catch a buzz!

Tanya, I vote for Stranger than Fiction!


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Yeah, the sad part is, I never got a chance to "inhale" because I slept in the master bedroom.
I looked behind the bed because that's where I hid my keys. Obviously, not a good spot.
difficult child insisted that it wasn't his, and I said, well, when you snuck the keys, or snuck to put them back, it would have been right with-the keys as though it had fallen out of your pocket.
He said, "No, because I threw the keys back there."
Turns out he went to ex-D's house at 11:00 because she was crying and alone. I guess that adoption talk I gave finally hit her. :(
He said he didn't know what to say so he just put his arm around her and let her cry. (Wish my husband would do that, lol!)


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Just a little more drama ...
Stopped by a hookah shop.
Asked the guy at the front counter if he could ID something for me.
He was white, in his 20-s, neat dreadlocks to his shoulders, pale blue dress shirt, multiple small piercings.
He said, "Like what?"
"I need to know if something I have is blend."
"A blend of what?"
"Yes." I lifted up my little Starbucks paper bag and smiled.
"So can you meet me out on the sidewalk?"
He shook his head, no.
"Well, I can't just ask some random person on the sidewalk at the apartments out back (bad neighborhood.) Where do I go? Please."
"What is this for? Why?"
"My son is 18 and out of control. He has bipolar and Asperger's and is on lithium and methylphenidate. He cannot smoke pot when he is on those."
"What happens?"
"He's like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Gets in my face and uses the F-word, gets violent. He could have a stroke."

"Oh, all right." He gave me a hangdog look and his shoulders slumped.
I had it double bagged in small Ziplocks because the smell was so strong.
He asked if he could break it open.
He smelled it.
"Thank you."
"Do you want me to throw it away for you?"
"No thank you. I have an idea."

(ahahahahaaaa! Throw it away? If anyone smokes it, it will be Cousin P, and we'll get ourselves arrested but she's always in pain. And she has less than 6 mo's to live.)

husband was out of town and then went straight back to work.
Once again, I am the Single Mom dealing with-difficult child.
I confronted difficult child in the kitchen about the pot and said I was turning off the phone, and he was leaving the house. Now.
"Like, you're kicking me out?"
He had a total. Complete. Absolute. Meltdown.
For whatever reason, he believed me ... his reaction said it all.
He yelled, screamed in my face, used the F-word more than enough times for a lifetime, and when he got to the point of backing me up against the kitchen counter, I started to scream. Kept it up for5 min. straight.
Didn't know what else to do.
He freaked. Burst into tears, apologized, babbled.
"I can't live on the street! I have nowhere to go!"
THAT certainly cleared that air.
Told him that if E or K come near the house, or if he hangs with-them at school, or if he goes to the other city, phone goes off. He agreed. I am not calling them by their names. They are officially Pothead Friends.
"I HAVE NO FRIENDS," he sobbed. (Ya think?)

"You call those people friends? When they come into your house, sit at your kitchen table, have your mother serve them a home cooked meal, and then they steal from her, and sell you pot? And teach you to be a liar and thief? Those are FRIENDS? They're criminals!"

We were both crying and eventually cooled off.

Not an hr later, we all got msgs from Verizon that he had used up 100% of our data plan. Turns out he was using the Internet to look up stuff at school for homework. I told him to USE THE BOOK. And he also left on his music search and didn't synch it to your home WiFi. Uh-DUH. He has to work it off today doing chores.

Meanwhile, he did errands with-me last night, helped me carry things. went to apply for a job (they were closed), and went to one of my friend's birthday dinners and sat a a diff table.
He knows that I have a photo of the blunt. I had him take photos of me today in a faux fur coat of Cousin P's for an ebay sale, and when he checked the photos, he saw that one. :) :) :)
I reminded him I haven't called the police. Yet.
And I haven't told husband. Yet.
The Sword of Damocles.

He said it would be hard to prove that it was his blunt, by the way, especially since I had it in my car now. So it's in MY Possession. Clever boy.
But he's been very subdued and has been doing chores, and is doing homework right now.
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I almost posted this on the Substance Abuse forum. Let's hope this is the last of it and I won't have to.

But I am prepared to follow through with-the phone and the exodus.
I told difficult child he could trade the phone for his "Friends." "Which is it?" He chose the phone. Because of D and H.
I also told him that H needs to get on bc pills. Even if they're not doing it now.
I told him that her parents would not approve of it, and they also don't use bc after they are married.
He knew that.
I said I would drive her to the clinic and pay for the pills. This is not permission. It's smart planning, so you don't have another incident like D.
He was quiet.


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I have been there and done that. You pulled the "get out of my house card" and did not mean it He will not believe you when you are serious. You let him off the hook with the phone and the blunt. He will do it again. It is not his friends. it is him period no matter what his irrational thinking on this is. He used the car to go get the blunt. He is playing a dangerous game with some bad people and with you.


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There can not be anything good to come of his relationship with H. Her family can and will cause much problems when all of this comes out.


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Does it really matter when he did it? He is lying. He is using drugs. He is hanging out with bad people. He is about to be a father. He is in a relationship with a girl whose family will get very ugly when they find out what is really going on.


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I wanted to believe my son. I just could not accept that it was him. It had to be because he did not know what was going on..... I wish I had followed through on things sooner than I did. I honestly believe if I had, he would not have gone off the deep end.


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Just heard back.
Yes, he was at D's.
I understand.
by the way, Verizon deleted my plan. So mad!
Have to come up a/another, more expensive one.
And, of course, turn off difficult child's phone.


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I cannot just tell difficult child to break up with-H. Even if *I* were in that situation, it would drive me to want to see her more.
I've got to set something in motion that will cause natural consequences.
Like ... letting her know that the "rumor" about him and D is true.
I think that would do it right there.
And she already knows that he's always in trouble. But I think that's the part that she likes about him.