AI- result show


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I realize you all watched the other show but did any of you DVR the AI show? Were you happy, surprised, shocked, ...was it what you expectd?

The results really werent what I expected. They got rid of Rudy Gardenez and Paul Kim for the men and I really expected Sundance Head to be in the first to go. Wouldnt have surprised me if that young kid Senjaya Malakar was down there too but he has that cute factor going for him so he may stick around for a little while.

On the womem...I was really expecting Antonella Barber to go and she didnt...Amy Krebbs did. I cant remember the other name but I think it was Alaina Alexander because I remember all the

They had Fantasia on the show last night to sing. It seems she is doing a broadway production of The Color Purple. Good for her. It suits her. NC has produced quite a few idols or runners up...Fantasia, Clay, Kelly, Bucky, Chris. There are a few more that didnt make it into the final 12.


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Both Sundance and Antonella were the picks on

I think that gives them a big advantage so I think we'll be seeing them both for awhile.

According to the site that tracks voting, both ended up very high up in the polls.



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I dont know what happened to Sundance...sigh. And Antonella just isnt very good I dont think. I guess I will have to checkout those


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I missed it last night. I had one vcr taping the Survivor channel and one taping the Grey's channel (so I could have a copy of both episodes to rewatch) and I just plumb ran out of vcrs :rofl: .

This early in the game I've only seen 1 guy and 5 girls that I'm rooting for to make the final 12 and I hoped they were safe last night...and they were! :whew:

So on to next week. I sure hope they do a better job trying for their A-game!