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    Here is an opportunity to influence mental health services in your country. A Canadian doctor - Kenny Handelman in his blog brings our attention to this below

    in my humble opinion his blog is informative on the medication treatments. In the behavior management side he is pretty much behaviorist- Barkley , so I present there an alternative. Recently he did a article on ' awards for ADHD kids ' . I responded questioning the value of awards that highlight the disability, a kid is more than a diagnosis, the negative effects of competitions , being a winner / loser on the love of learning.

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    Thank you Allan-
    Very important for Canada. We just had more funding cut for mental health here in Idaho... sad state of affairs.
    I see a huge impact (negative) on my 5 yo in regards to competition, we have been working on alternatives for 2 years now. She becomes so upset and focused on what others will think and how she will do. What will the outcome be??? It is unfortunately a reality when she enters public school I fear.