All he!! broke loose yet again...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KTMom91, May 20, 2008.

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    Blowup on Sunday, on Monday, and here we are at Tuesday...I came straight home from school to take Miss KT to the bank to cash her paycheck. For some reason, she didn't get it today but is supposed to tomorrow. I said I had to go to the grocery store, did she want to go with me, and she started talking about something else, without giving me an answer. I said I'm hot, I'm tired, if you're going with me, get your shoes and let's go. She sat down and started talking about band. I said are you going or not? and she SCREAMS I TOLD YOU NO THREE TIMES!!! and I lost it.

    I have had it with her lousy attitude, her disrespect, her rudeness, her hatefulness towards me and Hubby, and when she started screaming that she hates me, hates this house, wants to move out (for the ten millionth time), I told her to go. I called her father and said he needed to take her for the summer. She had another fit, called my mother, moved in with her for the remainder of school, and then will live with her father. She was even more angry when I took the cell phone and truck keys from her before she left.

    It's amazing how peaceful the house is now. I'm still trying to calm down, breathe deeply, and not run screaming down the street.
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    Sending support and hugs. This is such a tough thing to go through.


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    Gentle hugs to you-I know that feeling of wanting to say fine, go fine some place else to live.
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    I told difficult child the exact thing this past weekend. He is continually unhappy and angry. Who knows the reason? He's never, ever, ever, pleasant. I finally told him if he was so miserable in this house then we need to find him another place to live. NO one should have to live being unhappy all the time. (Now, I don't really know if it did any good, but at least he got the message that I've had it with the attitude!) It didn't seem to make much impact at the time, but he HAS to be thinking about it......don't you think?
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    I know this is both a time of pain and a time of blessing. It's nice and quiet, no conflict, not tippie-toeing around...... but at the same time, I'm sure you would rather have your daughter with you.

    I hope this will be a time of healing for you and time of thinking for her. Hopefully she will realize how much you love her and how rotten she was acting. There is nothing like being with mom.

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    Sorry that it has come to this but it is a blessing that you have your mother to provide some respite for you. I am sure you are emotionally wrecked but try to enjoy the quiet. Without the truck keys and cell phone, KT will be back before long.

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    Will your Mom take my son too? Please?!