Almost 16


So I have an almost 16 year old with his driving permit. Does great but needs to be refocused sometimes (scary). The problem is not driving, it's the computer. I think he in sorts is addicted to it. I tell him to get off and he does not. He is not abusive towards me he is more of a passive aggressive. I just don't want this to get out of hand. So I have set some rules/boundaries.
  1. Since he can't seem to tell time, I will take the wifi box at 9:00 pm. (forewarned)
  2. He must keep his grades above a C at all times no matter if it's a progress report or not to keep the above privilege.
  3. All homework/reading must be completed before getting on the computer.
He is a really good kid. When I have my granddaughters he helps me so much. He does do Jiu Jitsu 3 days out of the week, but lately it's been only two with the girls over and my exercise schedule. He will be working with my husband his dad this weekend, so that's good. I told him to take him to the job to get him away from the computer.

He hates when we have an argument and will sheepishly come and tell me he loves me and gives a hug.

Anything more I can do to get him on the right path? I know it's our fault for letting it get to this point but with the Difficult child and her kids I think he's just been push aside. I try to engage him, but he's just so used to being on the computer he really doesn't want to do much else. He is not overweight. He played ice hockey for 4 years and he loves to ski.

He does have ADHD but it's not bad. He does have a 504 plan at school in place also. I am taking him to the therapist next week with me to sort this out a bit.

Thoughts or suggestions?


Sending good vibes...
He does sound like a good kid. I think, however, you are doing all the right things. Computer time can lead down a slippery slope and there is no coming back. It's a pretty strong addiction.

Stay on top of it like you are. Good job.


I think I am trying so hard and worrying too much about his future. I just don't want him to fail in life and maybe I'm too focused on that. I don't worry about Cass she's got a good head on her shoulders. We make time for each other by going to workout class on the weekends together and she bought me lunch yesterday.

My son actually worked with my husband most of the weekend earning him some cash so he was happy about that, but getting him to do his homework after that....ugh. It could always be worse and if this is the worst that it gets, well, I can't complain. I'll take this any day rather than dealing with Dez.