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    I went out of town for the day and came home to a message on the answering machine from the Ft St John RCMP informing me that Morgan has gone missing. I called the station and am waiting for the watch commander to call me back. I called the place where she was staying and asked when she went missing (Friday 10 am) and when they reported her missing (Friday night) and why no one had bothered to call me. I was told it was none of my business and then she proceeded to hang up on me. Needless to say I had a few choice words, although I shouldnt be surprised as these are people who took a 16 yr old girl that they didnt know in, no questions asked.

    Apparently from the message that was left that Morgan is headed back to where I am. Its about 1367 km from there to here and its getting cold up north. I have no idea is she has taken anything that belongs to her. I got an email from her on Wed saying that she was starting a new job on Thursday and havent heard from her since. I emailed her Friday to see how the job went and havent heard back.

    I hope that she is safe :rolleyes:

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    M also found some dimwit to take him in who on the few occasions that I spoke to her told me in no uncertain terms what an awful mother I was to M, and what an awful person I was to her for abandoning him and not offering her financial assistance.


    Hello! I told her not to take him, that he was going to take advantage and he was a liar. What else did she need to know?

    If I were you, I would tell the RCMP that difficult child is a runaway, and that Mrs. Dimwit Busybody is holding her against your wishes. I don't know the laws there, but in the states that's kidnapping. It was harder for us, because M was 17 years 10 months old.

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    Good Luck,

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    In our home state, a child can willingly leave home at 16. There is nothing authorities can do. When our daughter left home (at 16) we could not report her as a runaway. But, I could not 'throw her out' of the house as it is our legal responsibility to care for them until they are 18. How's that for a crazy law??

    I'm sorry your daughter is missing. You must be very worried. I'm praying she contacts someone in a hurry.
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    I hope you from her soon, too.

    It's horrible when you don't know where they are.

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    Wow I dont know how I would react, because I dont know or understand the story. But in general if someone was inquiring, then show the person you are calling with respect. I would have hung up on them, and good that she called you.

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    Hope you hear from her soon. I can't believe they told you it was none of your business!!!
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    I'm sorry, Ally. No matter how angry we get with our kids, this is still terrifying. I hope you hear from her soon.

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    gosh Im so sorry! I hope you hear from her soon or the RCMP find her or something. Lordy this must be awful for you. Im praying.
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    Sending hugs of comfort to you, and prayers of safety to her.
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    I wish I had some truely fabulous advice, but I have no experience at all in this sort of area.

    Sending many gentle hugs to you, saying prayers, and I truely hope she is safe.

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    Problem is that the probation officer approved that she stay there. She said had no where else to go.
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    I got a message from the PO today telling me that he spoke with the lady that she was staying with and she told him that she thought Morgan had gone to Prince George with the boyfriend. Funny thing is she told the RCMP that she thought Morgan was headed here on the bus. Little bit of lying going on me thinks. Ill try and get it straightened out tomorrow.

    What a gong show my life is!! On an higher note, I bought my first 2 Christmas presents today :)
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    christmas shopping
    I never did it early because I always think the person may buy that same item before the holiday or maybe I will see something else they would rather

    I hate when our kids are runners. ant was a runner from the get go up til he was 21. then he stopped. oops he did run once to FLA to escape going back to jail two yrs ago. but he came right back.

    he likes to be comfy now and will not run anymore. after a while they realize how scarey and inconvenient it can be to be on the run. people tire of taking care of you.
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    How horrifying! Those people sound awful. Sending along some more hugs, support and prayers for her safety.