Am I supposed to feel this way/

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    I am so confused. husband and I go to battle for our kids all the time. When we explain things to people (and we are careful who that is depending on what we explain) so many are of a similiar mind we are, that we are not being treated fairly by our "system". I can't even get people to explain why our county is different from other counties except to be told that is just the way it is. :crazy2: I don't know about anyone else but that doesn't wash for me. If something has to be a certain way there has to be a guideline written somewhere otherwise it is no longer a requirement but a tradition in my mind.

    I just can't look past this any longer as my children won't get the care they need unless we keep pushing but our hands are tied to a certain degree. So when they bind my hinds I usually kick things along.

    Why is it that in order to get my kids the mental health care they need we have to no longer be the actual parents? We have our rights still in tact but what are those when we can't make a decision without someone else.

    No one understands but yet no one cares enough to say anything to make a change. I know it isn't their problem but what happened to fight for injustice.

    I know I am on a soap box and I apolagize it just hurts to feel impotent to do anything for 2/3 of my kids. What hurts more is that it seems no one cares.

  2. Beth,

    I totally agree with you, I have been so confused about the mental health system in our country for years now. On the one hand, we have been advancing in our knowledge of, and our treatment of, mental illnesses. On the other hand, we have been steadily closing treatment programs and pushing people who need services out on the street. In our murky past, people were certainly mistreated by the system but at least they got some type of treatment.

    I am true believer that cultures are known by what they consider to be important. Our culture seems to value things over people, and money above all else! I get so frustrated when I think of the idealism of the 60's and how low we have fallen since then. The almighty dollar drives all and this ultimately is what drives your situation.

    If and until advocacy groups can bring this issue to the public and politician's attention this situation will persist. We do have some very strong advocates for mental health treatment in our state. Recently they sparked a huge media expose into unexplained deaths of young people in our state mental health treatment hospitals. This sparked a federal audit of these hospitals. I am hopeful that this can bring about change, but I believe that it will take persistent, unrelenting efforts by advocates to keep this all straight.

    The irony of this all is that I don't believe there are any families that are untouched by some form of mental illness. Our culture is deeply into denial and unwillingess to do the right thing. My thoughts are prayers are with you as you take the difficult steps that you are forced to take to get treatment for your difficult children!
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    Oh, heart is so with you. I could get on my soapbox and scream for days as well. There is only one solution, <u>us</u>. We have to lobby politicians, publish articles, contact the media, vote, and not let up until our message is heard!
    It is people like you that will change the world we live in.......and therefore, yes, you are supposed to feel this way.You are a mover, a shaker, a person who will not take no for an answer, and we need people like you so much in our current society.
    Be proud of who you are, and find a channel to voice your message.
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    It is a long, hard road to get help for these children. Some have a longer road than others. It is still difficult. I feel for you. You have a long road. You just need to keep on plugging along. Try to get some higher ups to see what you see. Perhaps political candidates can help.

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    I imagine you are toalking aobut the school systems in respect to assistance? I never had the problem with the healthcare providers, just my son never took a liking or tried to be compliant with them, so that became a battle for myself, that I never one.
    As for the schoolsystem, yeah they dont listen. They only request tests and more tests, that proove us right, but they still deny as if they are actually a professional in this area. By the time I got someone to listen difficult child was a JR in HS, that was in major denial.
    Soory know answeres just complete understanding of what you are goping through, and what you have yet too face.