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    It has been a very long, rough week. I was an hour late to work this morning, partly because when the bantering from difficult child started at 5:30am, I just wasn't up to dealing with it again. So I'm going to write a happy post.
    Background highlights in a nutshell - I had to pick difficult child up from school for hitting his teacher again this week, and easy child 2, I'm not sure if she's being typical teen PITA or turning into a difficult child, but she couldn't care less about her school work (generally she does care) and she's still circling the drain. The only thing that seems to get to her is threatening to not let her get a cell phone when she gets older. ONLY thing she seems to care about right now. Among smaller crises pretty much every day...
    So, with that for the foundation of my week...I took off and drove to St Louis and purchased my guns for mounted shooting. They are in very nice condition and since the owner had traded a high-end rifle for them, he was able to sell them markedly cheaper than the best price I had found elsewhere. He also had a set of holsters to go with them, so I bought those, too.
    They are at the smith's being checked today. The weekend is supposed to be warm, so I am planning to be out practicing. And we have an organized practice Tuesday night at an indoor facility.
    Anyway, I needed to share some good news. Thanks for listening
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  2. totoro

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    Well good for you!!!
    When I used to go shooting with my Dad, I found it somewhat relaxing. I could never shoot off of my horse, but his mule yes and our other 2 quarter horses we could.
    Funny my Step-father in law loves shooting so when we go, it is very proper... he has very fancy shotguns/rifles and expensive. We get to shoot clay pigeons and lots of them. We go to the range.
    When we go shooting with father in law down by Indy. We shoot all of his old hand guns, very cool. At the Police range. But we hang up about 20 stuffed animals from the Salvation Army, (old yucky ones) and just blast them to pieces!!!
    If you get to go this weekend have fun.
  3. Andy

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    I am glad you are finding happy moments to yourself!
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    Happy shooting!!! And by the way my easy child has been a pita for a while as well, until recently hopefully just a teenage thing.

    I hope you enjoy it!!