An exciting update, I think, from school.

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    At wee difficult child's IEP meeting last Friday, the school agreed to allow him to add an hour or so onto his shortened day schedule. I beleive his day was initially shortened, in large part, due to lack of the para's ability to work with him, so their solution was simply to remove him from the problematic time instead of addressing the true issue.
    During the meeting, I asked what the school planned to do to support wee difficult child during this transition back to school for this additional hour. Nothing. So I suggested maybe I should come in with him for the first few days to get him acclimated before handing it back off to the paras that works with him. I was met with resistance, but ultimately, that became the plan.
    I have been to school with him 3 days now. It has gone amazingly well. We have had a few trials, but I have been able to work him thru them without any sort of a meltdown. The most extreme behavior we have had has been a few tears in the classroom.
    Yesterday, the guidance counselor came in to talk to the kids for a class period, which is something that happens once a week. The counselor also works with difficult child for a brief period every day, so she knows him fairly well. The counselor recognized how very well difficult child did in class compared to when he was there with the paras and relayed it to the SpEd teacher. She not only said difficult child was doing good, she said he was doing GREAT with my support. He was on task, appropriate, participated in class discussion with very appropriate input, etc.
    She and SpEd thought it would be best if I would be willing to continue coming in to support wee difficult child for a while longer before attempting to hand it off to the paras again. While its indredibly un-handy, and I'd rather not have to, he!! yes, I'm willing! In addition, this is just one more example of recognition that the person supporting wee difficult child makes all the difference in the world.
    SpEd said she would tell the principal, who was very much against me being there, that this was just the way it was going to be; she would deal with him. She and I agree that the most important thing we can do is end this school year on a positive note to help prep him for next year, and if this is what it takes, so be it. And if things continue to go this well, and if I'll be the one supporting him, I will probably push for even more time.
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    Go, SpEd! And you too, Shari.

    It may be unconventional, but it's working. Working better than anything previously plus it's making your point for you, ramming it home in fact.

    Sometimes you just gotta do whatever it takes...

    I was saying to someone this afternoon (over the phone - she needs our group!) that I know I put a lot of time and energy into difficult child 3 at the moment but I consider it an investment in his future. I will be able to go back to doing my stuff at a later stage. The better I do my task now with difficult child 3, the sooner I get the rest of my life back.

    In the meantime...

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    Thanks. And that's exactly it! I can do my time now, or exponentially in the future! I'm all for the here and now!
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    and whatever works!!!!!!!! OMG this is great! FANTASTIC NEWS~!:D
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    This is a wonderful win for you!!! I hope things keep going this well.
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    But they are the professionals! Do you mean that you, a mere mom, are more competent to know what supports your child needs???? I'm so proud of you! Great job advocating for your child!
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    oh wow that's great! You must be relieved you have been thru so much with this. Yea i'm with the others yay you and whatever works!!! :)

    Your a true warrior mom!!!
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    You've been through a lot. I'm glad it's paying off. It's like running a marathon, isn't it?