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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 2 failed language arts last quarter. Mostly it was due to late assignments and poor time management/organization, not necessarily inferior work. This particular teacher has been a little less than flexible about timeliness with him, despite an IEP that says he can be given extra time to finish assignments. He's in a critical skills class that is SUPPOSED to be helping him ensure that all his assignments are written in his planner each day and that he has all his materials before he heads for home.

    Needless to say, I feel like the Special Education teacher and the language arts teacher are dropping the ball with difficult child 2.

    So today, I get this email from the Special Education teacher:


    Uh, ya think?

    I know for a FACT that Student W's parents had an IEP meeting at school this morning to discuss his current academic struggles. And while I'm not going to raise the issue right now, I am a wee bit irked that they decide to piggy-back difficult child 2 onto this other student only after difficult child 2 has already failed this class and the other student's parents had their little meeting. I actually asked the school counselor for an IEP meeting after the first MONTH of school and was told that the Special Education teacher (who I then learned was the case carrier) would be getting to us soon, and that she had a back-log of other students to attend to as well.

    I guess I should have squeaked louder and addressed it specifically with this teacher.

    Whatever. I was really grappling with my depression during that time, too. So is it any wonder I didn't do much...
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    Makes you just want to scream!!! Spec.ed. teacher really dropped the ball on this one (as did lang arts teacer). I would definitely raise the issue at some point and I would be asking when she will be scheduling that IEP meeting you asked for the first month of the school year1
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    Demand a meeting....IEP students that are failing need to have their IEP's revised....If he is failing then they are not meeting his needs (she is failing)and they need to do something about it...Kick up the fuss....More than likely they will say he just won't do it or turn it in, but make sure that you have that you need to be notified of any missing work put in the IEP. Make them inform you weekly so they can not use the excuse he just won't do the work.