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    So much for turning over a new leaf. I really had high hopes for her. But we are right back where we started from. She fell asleep on the chair at 5:30 last night, and didn't wake up until I got her at 6:15 this morning. And man is she pi55y. I helped her wash her hair, but she is whining how tired she is, and I am sick of it to be honest. I know she is tired. I am trying everything I can to help her. And, since she fell asleep at 5:30 no homework was done of course. Good intentions... Wish me luck for today. Thank goodness my mom is coming to stay with us for a few days while easy child and husband are gone.
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    Several thoughts, none meant as critical, just thoughts/wonderings:

    1. Are you giving her more attention today than the other days for the fuss? Just give her the direction, back off and follow thru with your plan that you made way back when she had the d/c. she doesn't get ready, you dont excuse her. She suffers the consequences. Did you stick to that plan that you guys made?
    2. She didn't get her homework done, she is again escaping the stress? Sounds like once school work increases, she escapes it. HUGE clue to part of what is going on. She needs accommodations.
    3. Did you increase the medications last night? Is this the first time waking on the increase?.... if yes, I always wait till the weekend to increase a medication.
    4. Of course she is going to go back to old behaviors, she wasn't really in treatment, just a crisis stop off it seemed.... really did her a disservice because she got to escape all her stress, she didn't solve any problems, and didn't get to learn any new coping skills...bummer what they did to you guys.
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    Buddy, I do not see it as critical at all. To answer your questions:
    1. Yes, I did give her more attention than normal. Which is totally my fault. Normally easy child drives her and a friend to school. But today I had to take them because easy child is leaving for auditions. So, I am more anxious about being on time, because I am here alone to get her out the door to pick up friend and not be late.
    2. I don't know if she was trying to escape or not. It is hard to tell. She looked exhausted last night. She swam for gym class, and she normally does not have much physical activity.
    3. She takes her Celexa in the morning, so that has no bearing on it. And She took it this morning. So it wasn't the medications. If it had been something new, or an increase in the Abilify I would have waited.
    4. I agree. She has a therapist appointment tomorrow. And she is more than willing to go to IOP. It is 3 days a week 3 hours a day, and lasts 6-8 weeks. I think that is where she will get the most benefit. And, that program has more of a family therapy. And, we need that. I want to be included in her treatment.

    She ended up after all of that being ready early again this morning. Since she is swimming, she isn't wearing makeup. Saves so much time. I did apologize to her for not following the plan. And, I explained why I was so stressed out about it. She has riding lessons tonight, so the evening will go well. And, my mom will be here so she will be happy to see her too. Man, someone needs to invent that magic wand.
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    LOL when you find that magic wand we can share right??

    Glad she got off to school.

    Some day she may force your hand and now that this kind of unique day happened I guess it will be good to plan for that too, like if she wont move her bootie, then you drive easy child and friend and whatever happens happens on her end.

    It wont be easy. I have been there with the whole bus thing, he wants it and is so upset without it but if he wont cooperate with getting up on time I wont fight with him or yell at him and it has happened a couple of times. But not many because he will actually say... Wait, I better nto do that right mom? You will just let the bus drive away, right??


    I have to say, when I escape due to stress, I am ACTUALLY sleepy. yawning, needing to fall asleep etc. It is an actual physical symptom, not just a choice. I think she has more going on..... including the possibility of a sleep disorder, but just sharing.

    So, it was not a fun morning, but certainly not the worst you guys have had... I guess we can look at the glass as half full for today, smile!
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    I know a sleep study was discussed here before for her. DId you ever talk to the doctor or psychiatrist about it? My difficult child is also exhausted a lot and she's having one in March (soonest appointment they had!).