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    STORNADO - n: kid who's a nightmare to bring to shop because they touch everything and whine until you buy them something.

    CARNIVOID - to alter driving route with kids in teh car so you don't pass the carnival that is in town.

    SIBROIDERY - article of hand- me down clothing with older siblings name or initials on it.

    INTERLOOPER - kid who has no qualms about barging in on you in the bathroom.

    SLUMBURNED - child's cranky irritable condition the day after staying up way past bedtime.

    LINGUISTET - kids mispronunciation of word, left uncorrected by parents who think it's cute.

    STALL BEARER - parent who's forced to take toddler with them to bathroom.

    DESSERTISH - state of being hungry, but only for something sweet and void of any nutritional value what so ever.

    GARBOFLAGE - to hide kids artwork under other trash in wastebasket so you don't get caught chucking it.

    CHAP-TURKEY - parent who gets caught skipping pages in long kids book.
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    These are really funny and I'm sure describe me very well.
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    *** duplicate flag ***

    (sorry... I'm eyeball-deep in paper and editing right now, and... I love the definitions and am hungry for more. But can you add something to replace the repeat? More? hungry for more!)
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    Sorry about that insane. I lost track somehow of that one. I have to go back through twitter tweets to capture the ones and I thought I didn't get that one.

    So far today here are the few that have come:

    MONOPOLOOZE - to intentionally lose a game to an unsportsmanlike.

    NOCTHIRSTAL - child's need for bedside water cup they don't drink but often spills.

    THREEMAGEDDON - hellfire that allefedly erupts if angry counting mom gets to 3.