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    I'd had a virus before and most info was saved but I never could find some files- including photos from a vacation a few years ago. The other day I did a search for some old work files and they were found although the location is listed as "archive root directory" and I can't find them when I try to locate them through a normal path.

    This made me wonder if there is some hidden location that has old files that might include these vacation photos. Can someone provide some insight and tell me where/how to find the archive root directory so I can see what else is in there?

    Actually, I did a search for .jpg files and I couldn't find them- but maybe I didn't save them as .jpg files because these were first taken when I got a digital camera. What other extensions might photos be saved with?
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    Don't know how much help this will be, but I do remember reading somewhere that most files ever saved on a computer are salvageable with the right tools to recover their memory locations. You might want to call a computer tech up about this, or post on a dedicated nerd forum.

    Images are usually saved as .jpg or .jpeg (pretty much the same thing, but better to search for both) with digital cameras, but you could also check for a .bmp or .tif file. If that fails you could try .gif, if for whatever reason the photos have been converted into that format later in an image editing program (gif is above all used for very small graphics to go on the web, though I can see someone saving it that way by mistake). The only other thing I can think of is a .png, which is a very rare format used for maintaining image transparency on the web (the reason it's rare is because most browsers still have issues displaying it).

    Hope this helps - I'd really google specialized computer forums and post the issue there. Lot of friendly nerds just waiting for an opportunity to show off their skillz and be the helpful knight!
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    Or you could try my old standby -

    It's a site run by volunteer computer geeks and has all kinds of forums. You have to register and then you can put in a post about your problem - pretty soon there will be people coming by to give you ideas and possible solutions. These people saved me once, BIG TIME!