Another off day at school

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    Marie was pretty bad she got 8 in warmup- playing around before school, not working. REading was a 6 no working acting helpless. Lunch was 8 ate really slow took from 1045 to 1130 to eat. Dear a 7 not wearing glasses, not following directions. Writing was a 6 not working. Math was a 9 said went to office all by herself to take her medications :)
    Willy had a bad day too. In club he got a 9 pouted but than got to work. Social studies got a 5 chose not to do work even with help.
    He came home and told dad that nobody would help him and that that movie there were watching the questions were coming up to fast. He also got caught by his teacher calling Marie names. (He made a comment to me he does it all the time but never gets caught by the teachers) He told dad he almost got written up today. He also had to do more WAA testing. He told dad that he isn't talking to mom as she will be mad at me and want to talk about it. When he tells lies saying nobody want to help him that is not right. It was him that didn't want to do the work. Even with help.
    Its weird as my son is very fixated on bringing home all 10's. 10's are the best score you can get. Each subject they get point in behavior and academic. And there is room for comments and of course if any homework as well.
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    that's an interesting way of of letting you know how day goes. Sorry to hear that. So, kids are aware that there's a point system? is it a public school there? interesting approach.

    sorry to hear their day was rough, it's always horrible to hear that they struggle through their day.

    Jen :)
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    Oh yes they bring them home daily and has to be sign by me and brought back to school as well. They lose points if they don't bring them back sign. Its a great way to communicate with the parents about there day at school. My son was a roll of getting all 10's for a long time. He would blow up if he didnt get all 10's. Last nite my son homework was written on there and he try to get away with part of it. And told him its there saying the whole packet not just spelling sentences. It said spelling sentences and packet! Plus he had math as well. Got it all done :)
    Marie has been acting helpless and we can't figure out why. She loves to read and for her to get a comment saying she was acting helpless and not working. So I told her she had to read 2 books tonite with therapist. Well she read 3! hmm! This has been going on for several months now and teachers can't figure out why either. Yesterday when I pick her up the principal said she was very spacey! Well she tends to be in Marie's world alot. I love when the teacher writes in the comments Marie was in her own little world!
    Well glad I didn't have to pick her up again. She came to me after school and told me she was sorry! Teachers must of talk with her.
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    They do not go to public school. I took them out of public schools because it wasn't a good place for them. They were falling way behind academically and socially. They are in school for kids who have special needs or learning disabilities. The class size are alot smaller as well. The school goes from 1st grade thru 12th grade. So no transition to jr or high school. The school is very small. Its a charter school. It has done wonders for both of my kids learning and social as well. And I love the daily point sheets. I try to get the old public school do a behavior sheet that I made up and they refuse to do it. Or to write my son homework down. The homework is written on his daily point sheet if he has any. If nothing is written he has no homework. So he can't hide it from me as he knows that it has to be sign by me every nite and taken back to school.
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    Well son got all 10's today :)
    Daughter got a 9 at lunch time for being loud. Writing she got a 7 for interupting and tae kwon do she got a 9 for zooming out! The rest were 10's so a bit better day.
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    Wonderful that you get daily feedback. In one grade we had to sign a sheet everyday with the daily assignments, but the teacher kept saying my sig was not my sig. Sigh. She didn't want to believe it even after I wrote my sig 10 times in front of her and the principal. My sig is so messy it CANT be easily forged!

    Anyway, sorry they are having bad days. Could the seroquel be making Marie fuzzy? Not sure, just asking.

    Is it wise to have them in the same classroom, or seated closely? Most educators I know try to have twins/sibs in different rooms, or at least seated apart from themselves, I am not sure the reasoning.

    I hope Willy gets back on his perfect 10 roll.


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    I got email from his teacher today about what happen yesterday.
    Hi Robin,
    Busy day sorry I am just getting back to you now. I know that videos go fast for Willy. I purposely selected a 3rd grade level video specifically for that reason. All the questions could have been answered from the chapter 10 packet as well. He had several different opportunities to complete the worksheet. I told the students when the answer were coming up on the video, then I repeated the answer verbally, and we went over the answers as a class after the video (twice) Willy threw his paper and pencil on the floor when I tried to redirect him. I gave him the choice of going to the office or picking his stuff off the floor and working with me. He picked his stuff up but refused to do the work even though I was giving him the correct answers (again). I spoke with him about how his choice and behavior was not acceptable and that what he did was 'giving up'. He was still frustrated but seemed to understand. Because he did not have a huge blow up I am thinking he understood but was just still frustrated.
    And she teaches 6th and 7th grade. Only few 7th graders who are low like Willy. I had ask him tonite about yesterday his story didn't even come close and he said he told me he didn't want to talk about it yesterday or today!
    Just glad he turn it around today :proud:

    Marie has been on the same amount of seroquel for a very long time. We had added more lamictal at bedtime from 50 to 100 at bedtime and she already was taking 50 am. Well she start to have problems with falling alseep and being really tired at nite. So I tried to change it by spliting the dose 75 twice a day to see if helps her sleep better. I just start this week. She is sleeping a bit better but could use some improvement yet. So I figure I would give it a week and if not try 100 am and 50 pm. As I am staying at the dose the psychiatrist increase on dec 7 just trying to figure out what works best for her as it nite it was keeping her up to late.