another spring break meltdown...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Mar 29, 2013.

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    The day had gone well, we let difficult child and easy child spend a day at the theme park nearby where we are on vacation. They had fun, and met at the time and place they were supposed to. Fast forward to after supper. difficult child wanted to go to the pool, easy child didn't feel well and wanted to rest. So we said she could go for a couple of hours, but husband would walk her there (it is at least two blocks away) and we would pick up at 10pm. husband stuck around and that upset her and she was rude to him. He did come back to the condo and at 10pm walked back to get her. Of course she didn't want to leave. The pool closes at 11 and she wanted to stay there and walk home by herself or have her "friends" (teen boys) walk her back. By the time husband and difficult child got back to the condo she was livid. We are treating her like she was two! We don't trust her! (remember the nose piercing??) We ruin her life. She will never see these "friends" again. etc etc.

    Are we that over protective? Even if she was a easy child and just turned 15, would we still treat her the same way? I think so, especially when we are out of state and staying in a condo unit with people we don't know. Last day of spring break and we head home tomorrow. At least they get to go back to the theme park and that should keep them happy... until we get home tonight and she wants to hang out by herself again... KSM
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    I'm on your side. I'd never let somebody that young just hang out with people she met on vacation without my supervision. Guess I'm overprotective too.
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    I wouldn't let my teen daughter go to the pool by herself in a resort city. I don't think it is a good idea for anyone to be alone at night in a resort area. Not even grown men and women. Safety first regardless of difficult child or easy child status.
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    Thanks... after all the drama I start rethinking everything I do and say. We are in a place that is not really a "party" city... it is family oriented... it is not the busy season... and if both girls were walking together, we might have allowed it. At least on the way to the pool when it is still light out. easy child might not like it, but at least she doesn't yell and scream about it. She is just happy to go swimming... KSM
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    Has she never heard of the teens that go missing on spring break? Look up brittney drexel for an example. Local girl still missing.
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    Nope. You're just doing your job. Good for you!
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    I'm another one who agrees with you. You don't know these "friends" from Adam and anything could happen to her along the walk home.