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    difficult child has been much more relaxed since the holidays in regards to bowling. He has decided to take a break by only going to league on Tuesday nights. We usually also go one other time during the week.

    When we do go, he doesn't get as upset and disgusted with himself when he doesn't do as well as he thinks he should. He is better at shaking the frustrations off and moving on. He will tell me why the ball didn't go like he wanted it to. He also asked the instructor for help yesterday!

    Two weeks ago he returned to Jr Rifle Club after a four month break. He started with the prone and sitting positions that night and did very well (high 40's out of 50 in prone and high 30's lower 40's out of 50 in sitting). He left there very happy to be back where he left off.

    Last week he skipped again and then this week in Rifle Club, he tried kneeling. He needs 5 more 40 or better out of 50 to complete kneeling and then on to off hand. His first round was mid 30's out of 50. Very good for a four month leave of absence. He then had a round that was a bit higher and finally one round with a 42. Good job! Four more to go!

    After that, he came out of the next round with targets he was not happy with. Not even close to 40. Instead of getting upset and complaining, swearing and tantruming as in the past, he just calmly asked to be done for the night. So, he packed things up and we headed home.

    On the way out the door (out of hearing of the other people) difficult child confided in me that the reason he wanted to leave was because he could feel himself starting to get a little angry at himself. He said he knew that if he shot another round and it did not go well that his anger would build and get worse and worse as his performance got worse.

    He decided to walk away instead of going to the point where he would get too frustrated, too angry, too disgusted in himself! He decided to walk away before a tantrum started!!! HE decided!

    That was so cool to watch! :)
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    That is great!!