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Some good points were made.

I for one have trouble generating a clear complete thought during a panic attack, let alone trying to do a lesson or learn something. I'm trying to hard just to get thru the anxiety itself. I couldn't imagine a kid trying to manage it.

My first day back in school after almost 25 yrs was one of the worst anxiety ridden days of my life. Nearly nothing registered in my memory for any of the classes. It was good that I just wrote whatever came out of the instructor's mouth.


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Anxiety is a tough thing to deal with. I don't have panic attacks as often as I used to, but I agree with Daisy that it's quite hard to concentrate on anything else when you're in an anxious state. When I wrote my GED a couple of years ago, I had myself so worked up that I had to take a tranquilizer so I could concentrate and pass the test. All this because we were told that during the test, we wouldn't be allowed to leave the room until you completed that particular section of the test. I hate feeling that I'm "trapped", therefore I "what if'd" myself into an anxiety attack. :hammer: