Any ideas for a job?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by nlg319, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. nlg319

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    This may be an impossible feat, but I would really like to find a part time job during the hours difficult child#3 is in pre-school. He gets on the bus at 12 noon and gets home at 3:50 pm. I know my availablility is limited and that is the problem. Even if I could find something 12-4pm, difficult child#1 or 2 could be here when he gets off the bus a little after 4 or even 4:30pm. Anyone know of any chains that would be willing to give me those limited hours? I was thinking of Home Depot. I already tried working afternoons and nights and that was a nightmare because husband can't handle dinner, homework and the craziness. I have always felt that my "job" is taking care of the house and kids, but I think I really need something more stimulating for the winter to help me from getting depressed. I feel extremely fortunate that money is not a huge issue since I married husband. Prior to that I was a single mom who worked full time and a 2nd job on Saturdays. husband was laid off last week and although there are a few promising leads, the extra money would be nice! Any ideas would be great.
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    I'd certainly try applying all over the place. Big chain stores like Home Depot often have flexible hours available like that.

    Another idea is a cafeteria (school, hospital, large employer) or restaurant could use help with lunch service and clean up? My wife worked those very hours -- 12:00 to 3:00 daily -- at a "tea room" restaurant for some time. She loved the owner, the clientele, and the work, which was not backbreaking but busy enough to be challenging.
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    Holiday help will be needed soon. Get your name out there before all the college kids grab the jobs!
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    BBk is right ... now is the time to apply at retail stores. They'll soon be begging for help and are pretty accommodating with hours.

    My daughter works at Target (they are a wonderful employer by the way) and they have been very flexible in regards to her scheduling needs.
  5. Steely

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    Yep, I would suggest retail. When I was a manager I adv for "moms" to work 9-3 hours........especially at the holidays. Also would suggest a small office, often, those hours are perfect for a mom.
    Good luck.......
  6. Star*

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    Office cleaning?
    Secret Shopper?
    Errand service?
    Shopping service?
    Typing at home?
    Baking for profit?
    Dog walker?
    Sex kitten?
    Firearms instructor?
    Salvation Army cashier?
    Good Will cashier?
    Frog gigger? (got a boat and a flash light) oh nope it's at night
    Staples or Office Depot copy dept? AM is busy time.
    School cafeteria? We loved our cafeteria ladies.
    House sitter, plant waterer?
    Live plant service for restaurants?
    Horse barn mucker/exerciser?

    Quilt maker?
    Candle Sales?
    Pampered Chef?
    Make jewelry & sell it?

    What are you good at?

    And yes the position of smart keister has been filled.

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    I worked for a while as a teller at a bank. I dropped M at school and started work at 9:00 and got off around 2:00 or 3:00. No weekends. It was perfect.

    There was no heavy lifting like at a store, and people treated me better than they did when I worked retail.
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    LOL I love the list, Lone Ranger! :rofl:

    Unfortunately I am not a good self motivator, so the job has to already exist for me. I am off to shower and head out to TJ Maxx, Walmart, Home Depot for job applications! Thanks Ladies!

    My lifelong dream is to become a photographer...and of all things, our camera just broke...Oh well! We live in a beautiful area and I would love to take landscape photographs and glue them to blank cards and sell... :picture:
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911


    Walmart Studios ALWAYS have openings
    Sears Portrait Studios have openings
    Traveling school photographers have openings
    JC Penneys (some states) have a portrait studio
    Kmart has a portrait studio

    and local magazines will often pay people who free lance (my friend does it and makes good money)

    Also check on line photo contests.

    Good luck.