Anybody here teach history/government??


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difficult child does 90% of his homework completely on his own and is going
very well. Extended projects, however, are his downfall. He
has the Aspergers thing of perceiving things differently plus he
wants accolades and recognition for being unique.

He is doing a research paper. He had three topics to choose from: Rosa Parks et al, the Holocaust (using a book the class
has read) or a comparitive report on the governmental form in the
days of Rome (using Julius Caesar which he has not studied) and
American government.

Care to guess which one he choose?

Can anyone help me get on the right page so I can guide him on this weirdo subject choice????????

No...he won't change the topic. He ended up having a minor fit
last night because I suggested it. "I"M NOT DUMB, MOM"

I don't remember any Democracy in Shakespear. I think I've heard
a Law of Twelve Tables in Roman.

I'll send a cyber flower to anyone who can help me!


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I am on a roll........a downward roll lately!

Anyway, I do know WC is the right place. If any of you are experts in History/Government, would you please check in General
and see if you can point me down the right road?

Thanks. DDD


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I would start with a chart
He will have to understand American Government first.

Branches of American gov't Leaders Laws etc.

I would have him at least read the cliff notes for play.

Have him create a chart of areas to compare and contrast.

I taught the play last year. I will look through my files in the morning and see what else I may have to help.


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jarrod has fashioned himself into quite the historian. this sounds right up his ally. he's gaming right this minute, but i'll ask him to take a look when he's done.



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The only thing I can really think of that would be difficult is as to what time frame of rome the play takes place in. Up until Julius Ceasar came to power, Rome was a republic and one of the first great democractic expiriments. After Ceasar took power it was transformed into the more famous empire. Also is the teacher looking for the foundations of the American Government, or are they looking for something about the more modern state.

I doubt that your child would take the assignment the same way I would, and make it some sort form of political satire about the government being something other than the founding fathers intended.

Either way for some historical facts, the Rome section of the history channels website has a rather large wealth on information. I would assume them to have a decent section on the american government as well.

That is atleast where I would start for hard facts.



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OMG Rosa Parks or the Holocaust would have been so much easier.

Well I guess it's good that he's going for the challenge. Good luck, I can't help you on that one.



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Thanks TM. I'm thankful for all the help that is coming but
believe mind does not exactly follow this topic. Oh,

"Use the similarities and dissimilarities between the Roman system of government and the American form of government."

Yikes, DDD


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I swear that was the same question that I had on my NY state regents exam thiry something years ago. I remember that I wrote a great essay answer.

Too bad I can't remember it.


Have you tried to google it? When in doubt ~ google.

by the way, when is this due? I could ask some history teachers at school for advice but we are out on spring break this week.



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Turns out there was more leeway than he thought. Thank heavens.

Appreciate your help, guys. DDD


I have taught history. In general, it is better to have the type of structure you mention.

"Use the similarities and dissimilarities between the Roman system of government and the American form of government."

This might REALLY appeal to a kid on the spectrum.

I would make columns for the headers that are required and then start collecting facts (with the citation attached so it can be found later.)

After a number of entries are recorded, it is fairly easy to construct a thesis and go from there. With all due respect to Jarrod's suggestions, I do not think that satire would work for either the student or the teacher in this case.

MrNo got in over his head on Global Warming last fall in terms of reading a dozen (conflicting) internet sites and got so confused he couldn't think about how to approach the problem. An outline of pros and cons for all the things that are being predicted helped him get organized. After he had an outline, it was fine.

Best of luck,



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He has to turn is "his proposal" tomorrow and the topic is
really watered down on purpose. He lacks Executive Functioning
skills big time and since our research didn't point to adequate
information, I encouraged him to back down to a more generic
comparison of society norms.

Who knows it was the wise thing to do but I honestly could not
take much more stress from him...he really "doesn't get it" and
gets upset at himself and then takes it out on me verbally which
in turn upsets husband hearing the loud voices.

IF the teacher reacts negatively to the proposal, I will study
more closely the suggests you made and aim for more academic.
Thanks. DDD