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    who's willing to proofread a letter? (It's not one of my longer ones- I just need to condense it because I think I made the same point about 2-3 times and I'm too tired to do it. LOL!)
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    I am awake but not clearheaded enough to proofread. It has been a long couple of days. Our septic system started beeping and a light came on. So we spent $225 getting it pumped only to find that there is another problem the pump guy cannot fix. Spent 3 hours last night trying to find the guy who installed the system.

    Also have thank you sick, and his birthday is Friday and he is upset because he assumes he cannot go do anything with his friend for his birthday. Sigh.

    Jessie is upset because she hurts. She has been very high maintenence at night. Any ideas on how to make her sleep, other than hitting her on the head with a rock? (kidding. yeah, that's right. kidding.) She cannot take any medications for sleep.

    anyway, other than the letter what is up with you?
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    Well, I missed this while you were still online. I thought no one was on here so I went ahead and worked on the letter some more. I feel so much better- even though it's not perfectly written. Members of our government are meeting soon and the public can come and speak either in support or against certain things- or they can write a letter beforehand. I am writing a letter- and sending it anonymously. Given what this is about I don't want to put to much out in public.

    I'm sorry you've had such a rough week. You just don't seem to get a break, do ya? I hope Jess got some sleep. I might go get a couple of hours before I have to make some phone calls and do some other things.
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    Sounds like you have the letter saying just what you want to say just how you want to say it. Good Job! Anonymous is sometimes the way to go with letters to politicians. WIth the kind of things we endure with our kids it often is wise to not let the petty lower rung bureaucratic idiots know that we have spoken/emailed/wrote to their higher up bureaucrat.

    It has been quite the week. I really pray that someday soon we can find a way to help Jessie. I sent a letter to Cleveland Clinic and plan to send one to Mayo. I used CC's online form so I hope to hear more from them soon. My mom has already said they will pay.

    I also have to figure out what gifts we have for each person and then hit the thrift store and bargain stores. We often give gifts from the thrift store provided they are in good shape. Books especially.

    I hope that your letter can help to make a difference. The "justice" system esp in your area simply MUST be changed regarding minors. I just pray that whomever reads it can understand it. Given the state of affairs in the world, and esp with the Department of Juvenile Justice system in your state, I often wonder if these people can read and think.

    I hope you get some good sleep!
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    I have a good feeling for you and Jess, Susie. I wish you the best of luck with the clinic!

    As far as this letter, even though it's going to be sent anonymously, if I am specific about things and a copy is sent to my local authorities, they would be able to figure out who sent it. If I'm not specific, it just sounds like complaining with no grounds.

    Do you think the law makers and "overseers" would send a copy to local authorities, even though I'm stating my fear in there and why?