Anyone familiar with the Wrap Around program??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mama Raygun, Feb 13, 2012.

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    So I had an appointment. today for my 6th old to be started in the wrap around program. His therapist recommended it because she didn't feel weekly therapy was helping him. He would just play legos and when she tried to talk about anything serious he would just talk in circles and basically the only thing he got out of it was one on one playtime. So today he was evaluated by psychologist who agreed with the pdeiatrician's diagnosis of ADHD but also thinks he has some anxiety. It was heartbreaking to hear my son tell this man that he doesn't like himself :( I mean he's only 6 how can he feel such pain already! So basically with Wrap Around he will be assigned a therapist who will work w him 3 hrs/ week. He will come to our home and to my sons school instead of us going to him. Also I have an appointment. for him to be evaluated by a psychiatrist because I am uncomfortable w the medications being handled by a pediatrician that never sees him. I called her last week to say J was still having a lot of issue so she upped his medications. He's supposed to get 30mg of metadate cr once a day. Sat was the first day I gave him this higher dose and it was the first time he had a reaction. Avfew hrs after taking it he started Laying around and got very quiet, he kept saying his brain felt weird and he could hear 'waterfalls' in his ears which I take as his ears ringing. And his eyes just looked so tweaked out, it was the first time since he started taking medications in Oct. that you could tell by looking at him that he was def on something. I felt so bad for him! Since then I've only been giving him the 20mgs he was on before. I'm sure he would of eventually get used to it and the side effects would go away but I'm just very uncomfortable with it and I would feel slot more comfortable w a psychiatrist deciding what he needs. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has any experience or input on this wrap around program. Thanks! ;)
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    We had what I think is considered wrap around services a few years ago for difficult child. Mainly one agency or caseworker helps coordinate different ways to help difficult child. For us that meant some in home help, respite, his regular tdocs, and his regular psychiatrist. The respite part was great and the most helpful. We already had the therapist and psychiatrist and the in home didn't help much but that doesn't mean it won't for your difficult child.
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    Any stimulant can cause INCREASED anxiety. You are definitely doing the right thing to get him into a psychiatrist as most peds aren't as knowledgable about these medications as they need to be.