anyone have personal experience with eating disorder??

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    me :) yay always a new and exciting issue to share.......

    just wondering anyone have first hand experience with-an eating disorder, how it began etc.

    difficult child hasn't really been eating much past several mos. it started in june. she is convinced her throat will close up she says and she'll die. hmmmm even brought her to dr. initially because i was like hey maybe it's strep.

    anywhooo iv'e come to notice and haven't brought any attention to it at all to difficult child, nor have i commented about her lack of food intake. my attitude she'll eat when she's hungry and if it's for attention i'm not giving it.

    so, she's lost an incredible amt of weight this summer, lost 8lbs. since wedding also. she's totally thin and small framed. doesn't look sickly at all. weights' perfect dr. said.

    yet my parents and i have come to notice (she spent week with-them in summer) she's not eating much. doesnt' do breakfast, nor lunch and will at some point later in day shove in some carbs. she isnt' throwing up. yet we have all noticed how she really likes how she looks lately. she's getting curves and she's amazed at how much weight she lost. and we all are beginning to see the beginning of an eating disorder.

    if anyone has experience does it start this way?? she's always been weight obsessed. when was on medications would talk about the "thin" girls etc.

    today for instance she ate: 2 bites of a fried egg this morning and a bite of toast, than 5 animal crackers after school. that's it. she begged me to take her for pizza so we went out and she claimed her throat was giong to close up junk again i simply ignored her.

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    I had eating issues due to stress. All I can tell you is that the more people tried to push me or force me to eat, the worse it got. It's my understanding though that people who really feel they are too "fat" or have other self-image issues need interventions. I have no idea how a layman would distinguish this unless it was obvious. It really is obvious in some cases though.
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    yea i've heard. i went in my emails and apparently she signed up for this free booklet on weight loss and stuff. very odd.
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    oh and yea that's exactly what i do i don't say a word to her about eating. my attitude is when shes' hungry she'll eat. yet she's come up with-this nice reason for not eating past several mos. put it this way the kid isnt' passing out anytime soon so i'm not pushing panic buttons. yet my kid will be that kid that will self medicate, throw her food up. it's her personality. easy child soo funny pain in the butt she was and is at times still would never touch any drugs, etc. to ease her pain, other than a few beers i know she's drinking now in her senior year that's it.
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    My 12-year-old daughter M had an eating disorder at age 8. It started with what you're describing -- she said she would choke and die if she ate. She limited her intake so severely that she ended up hospitalized and being fed by a feeding tube for a month. The medication Zyprexa eased her anxiety and obsessive thoughts about choking and dying and she began to eat again. She is now doing well and eating normally.

    As you have gathered, your daughter needs help with a qualified professional. I wouldn't wait until it spins out of control. Eating disorders tend to gather steam very quickly. The symptoms you're seeing could very well be part of her mood disorder and need addressing as part of her symptom complex. Please get her help ASAP.
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    Small I'm so sorry that's alot to go thru for her at 8 and you as well. it started the same way?? with-us it was also fact she got pulled from the seroquel so her appetite decreased as well, yet that was mos. ago this is brand new.

    she liked the weight loss from no medications than came this i'm going to choke and die thing out of nowhere. i found a dr. going tuesday.

    she has alot of things going on yet its' soo amazing you could spend afternoon with-her and all you would feel is the anxiety. here's hoping this isnt' a new issue rearing it's head.

    thanks for the info!! :)
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    I feel the same way with anxiety. Since I was a little kid, I couldn't eat if I was "worrying". It just didn't work. I'm now 40 years old, and the same thing. If I am really stressed, can't eat.

    But, I think it is worth a shout to the doctor. I would hate for it to go to far if it is something that needs treatment.