Anyone here try Mona Vie?

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by tryinghard, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. tryinghard

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    Searching for people who have used it and getting their feedback..thanks
  2. totoro

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    I don't really have the energy to post right not... K has me SO worn out!
    But I wanted to warn you, this is a pyramid scam... husband cousin was selling this... this is just ACAI BERRY... you can buy this juice at any health food store and at a lot of regular stores... so if you are asking because you might be considering selling it... think about it a lot and research it...
    But as far as Acai Berry... it is touted as being very good for you... we drink it when we find it on sale or not super expensive... I have been drinking the Emergency one, it is really good!
    The girls like it. I use it for smoothies as well...
    There is a lot of info on line as well... husband's cousin tried to get us to become sellers!!! SO I researched it and sent her ALL of the reasons why we would not and said thanks any way... she has been left with a LOT of Mona-vie on her hands...
  3. tryinghard

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    Thanks for responding. I am not interested in distributing but trying the product for my difficult child and myself. Some of the testimonals I have read about autism and adhd are impressive. At this point I will try it, if it doen't work all I am out is money. If it helps, it will be worth it.

    I just wasn't sure if I could find someone else on this board that has tried it and if they felt it helped at all.

    Hope things are better with K today!
  4. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I don't honestly know if it "helps"... people say it does... it tastes good. We don't buy the Mona-Vie, but we buy other Acai-Berry brands. It has TONS of vitamins and anti-oxidants so it can't hurt. Unless you were allergic to it!!!
    I don't know as far as "helping" with a certain disorder...
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    You can buy that berry at Wild Oats/Whole Foods. It is in the frozen section. Just mix it with some other fruit and make a smoothie. The berry is suppose to have a lot of antioxidants and Omega three as well...very healthy stuff. My guess is that the Mona Vie is over priced and going natural could be healthier in the long run anyway.