Anyone in CT...Help needed.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, May 1, 2007.

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    My difficult child's psychiatrist and therapist finally agreed with-me that it would be a good idead to get difficult child a neuropsychologist evaluation :smile:Can anyone from CT pm me and give me any direction? difficult child is almost 5 and I know in some calls I made last year I was told he was too young. I know of one place, but of course they do not take insurance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would go through my insurance to find one that's on the plan. :smile:
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    I PMed you about the major hospitals to try. Both children's and university hospitals frequently have neuropsychs on staff.
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    Thank you smallworld. I PM'd you back.
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    Hi there,

    Sorry I do not know of anyone in CT. If you are close to NYC I know that NYU, Albert Einstein and Columbia supposedly have substantial resources.
    I would definately check insurance first too. I have called our mental health provider a few times. If they have anyone in the area that is experienced with BiPolar (BP) then I call who is on the list and when I can't find someone experienced with BiPolar (BP) they are willing to make an indiviual contract with the professional that does have the proper experience.

    I am wondering how the beginning of the Lithium is going. I know it takes a while to build but how goes it. Any slight help? Any side effects so far? Do you have to have blood drawn?
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    difficult child has been on Lithium since last Monday. First blood draw was this am as he has a psychiatrist appointment Thur night. I am not seeing improvement so far on it. My understanding is it takes 2 weeks to see improvement. I actually think his behavior is worse on it, but I will keep updating you.

    Update on neuropsychologist evaluation...

    Found a place that accpts our insurance. Had the initial consult this am. Now they have to get approval for the hours that are needed and the tesing to be done. Dr feels that with all is going on it should be approved. I know my ins approves 6 hrs for behavioral health assements, but this will take more than that. So hopefully we'll know by the end of the week when we can get the ball rolling.
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    Glad to hear about the insurance and hope that you have found a good place for the evaluation.

    As of this afternoon the doctor and we have decided to start the lithium. I am waiting for the prescription to be called in. He is starting my son at 200mg/day.

    Well, I am right there with you.
    Hope we both find peace in our homes.

    Bugsy's mom
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    Peace would be lovely. Good luck on the Lithium. Let me know how it goes for you. We have a psychiatrist appointment. tonight, so it will be interesting to give him our impressions of difficult child on it. Unfortunately, there is not any change for us.
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    Dont know if its too late for you, but there is a neuropsychologist team at Montiefiore/Einstein in the Bronx. My school district sent us to a neuropsychologist up in Hartford.

    Let me know if I can be of any help since I'm here in CT