Appointment for paternity test


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difficult child got a letter in the mail today that he is scheduled to have genetic testing done on 2/15 at 9:30 in the morning.

I asked husband what he was going to do if the baby is his, and at first he said nothing. I reminded him of the negative comments he made about my brother and his wife never seeing their granddaughter and how could they do that????

I said, aren't you going to want to be part of her life if she is your granddaughter, and he said yeah, I'll go see her with you :smile:

Not quite sure how I feel. Part of me will be so so relieved if she isn't his, but part of me will also be dissapointed I think??????? I'm just not ready to let wingnut back into my life. It's been so peaceful without her.

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We will all be on pins and needles waiting with you. Did they say how long the results would take? Has difficult child been seeing the baby on a regular basis? He will be so disappointed if it is not his.

I know the baby is a package deal, wingnut comes with her BUT wingnut is a small price to pay in the grand scheme, I hope anyway... Babies can work miracles on relationships, they can also cause more strain but lets just hope that in this case if this baby is his that she will be a blessing in your life.

What is her name?



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Karen, I know you can hardly tolerate wingnut (great name by the way :smirk:) but sometimes grandchildren are a wonderful blessing.

I hope it all goes well, I am waiting with the others to see what the results are.

Kids can change people ~ we are ready know that though ~ look at me :wildone:


Well-Known Member this point I hope for your sake the answer is what you want it to be. I get the impression you want it to be your granddtr deep down. Wingnut or not, the baby isnt at fault. Trust me on this one, you dont have to like the mom to love the baby. We have an angel we wouldnt trade for the world. I dont think you could pry her out of her grandpas

Hopefully this will soon be over so you can really know and start getting on with actually knowing.


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Wingnut or not, the baby isnt at dont have to like the mom to love the baby.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ditto Janet.

Karen, whatever the truth, I know you will deal with it with grace.



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I am not happy with how danielle non-parents Kaleb. I also know I want to have a relationship with him. truthfully, I do not have to deal with her much. I call and ask for him. he is only 3. even at that young age, I can see him without her and talk to him. when he is older, he can come on his own to my house and drive here. so, you only have to deal with his mother a short time. the baby will be your grandchild for life. picture the baby at age 18 or more, when they are grown up it matters less who the parent is.