Are you due a rebate? Check it here by your zip code.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Jul 18, 2010.

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    In the never ending search for something for your trouble - I came across this today when we purchased our second window AC unit. Of COURSE - SC exhausted it's 1.95 million energy budget within hours - get that HOURS of being on line - so there's nothing for me from the state for buying energy efficient stuff, and there's nothing from our electric co-op because they 'inhale-violently' but reminded me to give them my address when I move so that I could get my stock share in the future should there ever be any - from paying my $524.00 a month electric bill.....:sick: gosh what's that LAssie? .45 cents per annum?

    So anyway - check it out - You may have money waiting

    I've found NOTHING in the way of "here ya go Star" for doing the right thing.....the lady in Walmart told us to ask for a Solar powered Lenox heat pump so we could get the electric company to buy back our extra electricity. I'm thinking - THEY have no clue about any of that at this point. They did try to sell me a rental surger for $25 a year and some other meter surger for $5.00 a month. Nice - huh?

    If you are aware of anything for a rebate or refund or something for putting in any heatpump/ac let me know.
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    I hear ya...when we bought the fridge earlier this year, I made the executive decision to ignore the Energy Star ones. They cost a fortune, the rebate comes nowhere near to covering the difference, and they weren't all that more efficient. Same thing with the water heater. While I believe in going green, I don't intend to go bankrupt doing so.