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    You're all wanting a bit of warmth. Well we've definitely got toomuch. According to one of our papers (admittedly NOT the journal of record) the town of Ivanhoe in western NSW will be the hottest place on Earth today with an expected Temperature of 48 deg C (118 deg F). Everyone's screaming "Record" but I remember one VERY hot day in my childhood when the wall thermometer in my parents' place gave a reading of 128 deg F. Not an official reading so it would not be recorded.

    In addition, Marg was posting about the various creepy crawlies we have here in Oz in response to someone's question about bluebottles (a small marine stinger we have in our waters) in the Thursday GM thread.

    This link

    [ame=""]YouTube - "Come To Australia" by Scared Weird Little Guys[/ame]

    is a video by the Scared Weird Little Guys, an Australian duo who have a style similar to Weird Al Yankovich. Marg and I love them. If you like their stuff they have a number of clips on YouTube and Metacafe.

    While this thing is a bit tongue in cheek it is true enough. We have the Red Back, Funnel Web, Blue-ringed octopus, Tiger Snake, Cone Shell (the poison thing that lives in a shell) and, of course, the sharks all in our immediate vicinity. Our little village is a few beaches south of Bondi.

    The bird looking in the camera at the end is an Emu (pronounced ee-mew, not ee-moo as a many Americans seem to). It is about four foot high and looks like a bedraggled Ostrich. They are very curious and investigate things with their beak but they are so DUMB that they don't know their own strength. They can knock someone who is a bit unsteady off their feet and unintentionally draw blood. When frightened AND cornered they will kick with the power of a pro footballer.

    I'm not trying to scare you, injuries from any of these things are so rare that it's big news when someone gets hurt. It really IS more dangerous crossing a quiet road.

    Marg's Man
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    OMG - thats the best laugh I've had all day - thank you
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    Love the song, will have to share it with thank you and Jess tomorrow!

    The emu's are awesome. My aunt has a neighbor up the road a couple of miles who has some emus. One keeps getting out and coming to my aunt's house. As near as we can figure it keeps doing a mating thing for her - something about a head bob? But the guy knows when that particular emu is out, he is at her house. He just stands by her back deck (several feet up in the air) and waits for her to come out. The he prances and bobs his head.

    She is careful not to get close to him, and does call the owner.

    And emu oil is AWESOME for skin problems, sore joints, etc.... thank you calls it magic oil because when he wakes up with a sore knee or foot I rub some on and it feels better very quickly. And a little bit goes a LONG way.

    Thanks, Marg's Man for the video and weather report. I won't be visiting when it is this hot.
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    Thanks for sharing-what a hilarious video!!:)