I tried using lavender oil to calm the kids but it didn't work. The dog did fall fast asleep :laugh:
Has anyone had luck with any aromatherapy/essential oils for their kids or themselves?


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I use lavender oil/bubbles in the children's bath at bedtime... not sure if it relaxes the children so much as me! :wink: (the whole bathroom smells great!)

I also bought lavender-filled small stuffed animals for my children to put on their heads at bedtime. Their yoga teacher used to use these same dolls at the "rest" time of the yoga class... so they already had a connection with resting and putting these little dolls over their eyes. I don't have any idea if it works or not. I guess I hope the scent speaks to their "spirit" and perhaps when they're adults and they smell that lavender smell, it'll bring back good memories.

For me... I like aromatherapy massage oils... and I've got a wonderful husband who gives the best massages to go with it!


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I use a combination of lavender & chamomile with Niki. Also, as she has been used to oils since a baby, I add a drop of clary sage to the blend

For using with children 2 drops lavender, 2 drops Roman Chamomile, 1 drop Clary Sage, diluted in 10ml base oil ..

it works with calming Niki down, I use it in bath, in oil burner, a drop on pillows etc, as a massage oil ... if she can't get to sleep she will often come looking for some oils to help her.



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I use bath oils. As Wildflower put it
the pavlov effect maybe the component
that is working. It creates an atmosphere
and helps the parent to stay cool
Yours Matlem

I will have to give the lavender a try, my 14yr has been having a lot of problem sleeping, maybe this will help

Got a bottle of The Healing Garden ZZZtherapy that I spritz on the pillows- they also have a baby formaula....might not do anything for the kids, but I sleep better!!! Also, the Yankee Candle makes the little 'pies' that go in the potpouri warmers?? The eucalyptus one is great, and the kids actually DO seem a little calmer. It's not one of the 'Vapo-rub' kinds of eucalyptus...sort of flowery, and wonderful!


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I have also tried in..put some drops in boiling water...smells good but couldn't tell that it made any difference. The problem we have is with our allergies most prefume smells actually make our noses more itchy and irrated...the lavanader which I can't spell is about the only one that doesn't bother us...I personally can't stand to be around scented candles or anything smelly like that...sets my nose off big time!

One time when I was going down an isle at the store that had soaps and shampoos, ect..Nate started carrying on right away...screaming...I can't stand it! I can't stand it! I am going what? what? I can't stand the smell!!! Then I realized where we were and the prefum smells...all the different smells were affecting him. It was werid. I wouldn't dare put anything scented on his pillow... :frown:


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We've had success with lavendar room spray (Crabtree and Evelyn makes one), scented pillows, J&J bath bubbles and powder. It does seem to have a calming effect; although, it could also be the relaxing routine. But everyone sure does smell nice round here! Seriously though, it is worth a try. I think that every little bit helps: aromatherapy, diet, sleep, water, sunlight, exercise, "happy dance" time, whatever.