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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JulienSam, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Since Sam's massive meltdown last week, I've been on the phone and the computer to see who I can get to see him.

    I get a hold of the Child Development Dept. at the same Children's Hospital that we took Sam to in Feb. Even if I hand-deliver their paperwork back to them tomorrow, they're still not able to get us in the schedule until July. Other local children's hospital doesn't have openings until Sept.

    I guess it's all a learning process for us all... I'm frustrated though because in Feb. he was assessed by the Children's Hospital's psychiatric Dept. At the time I made the appointment I thought I was going to get a full multi-disciplinary team doing the assessment -- nope. Just a psychiatric. resident along with her supervisor. Turns out the place I needed to go was the Child Development Dept. -- would've been nice to know that then. Ugh.:mad:

    Then of course we're dealing with insurance... the good news/bad news is that we've met our deductible for the year already. So I'm hunting around to see which Child Psychiatrists are on our plan & who's taking new patients.

    Luckily, Sam's pediatrician has referred us to an Occupational Therapist (OT) for an evaluation on his possible sensory issues... so maybe if we get into a Psychiatrist soon we'll be able to get some of his behavior issues under control - -at least somewhat.

    Unfortunately, Sam's getting more aggressive & violent. He threw an ink pen at me today -- in close range so it hit me in the chest. He threw a chair (albeit a light one) across the room the other day, and a full glass of water at his dad. And of course there's the usual punches & kicks for me.
    Over the weekend easy child said loudly, "Sam's got a knife!" -- and he did -- a dinner knife (not so sharp) and a steak knife. He didn't threaten anyone with them -- said he just wanted to see what would happen if he scratched/scraped a pencil with the knives. A week or so (under supervision) he did try to carve/cut an ice cube withe a dinner knife, so maybe it's legit curiousity. Still, when he grabbed a pair of sharp scissors tonight, I know husband, easy child & I were alarmed. husband got him to hand over the scissors (he wanted to cut a bottle from a 6 pack of soft drinks) without incident -- but still it scares me that I'm scared about this. Does that make sense?

    Doesn't help either that husband is going out of town on business for a full week starting Friday. He's usually only gone 3-4 days at a time, but this is a longer stretch.:wornout:

    I know Sam still needs loving & caring and snuggling -- but I'm so frustrated, angry or exhausted that he's really the last person I want to be near. Makes me sad to think of my loving, chubby, easy going baby. Where did that Sam go?:sad-very:
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    Have you asked to be placed on the cancellation list? The trick is that you have to be able to drop everything to bring him in at virtually the last minute.

    As for the sharp items, have you considered putting them under lock & key? Just allow Sam to use them under supervision only.

    I dread it when husband goes out of town (he may be gone next week too). Duckie always revs up pretty badly and I end up a wreck.
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    I agree with TM about putting all sharps under lock and key. We've had to do that on occasion.

    Do you have any single friends or a nearby family member who could keep you company when husband is away, especially in the late afternoons/early evenings when fatigue and short tempers set in? Having extra hands and adult company always makes things easier.

    You sound as if you're making good progress on the evaluation front. Way To Go, warrior mom!

    Sending mega hugs your way tonight.