Arrrgggg difficult child 2 and a warrant

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DancerMom, May 21, 2008.

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    difficult child 2 and her best friend and that girl's baby went out tonight. Were supposed to be heading to church. Best friend is NOT supposed to be around her boyfriend (she's 18) because of his extensive criminal record. He's dodging the probation officer right now. Anyhow, difficult child has been told that this boy is not to be around her or in her car. I get a call about 7:30 tonight from boyfriend's parents that someme has said they have seen difficult child with- boyfriend, baby AND boy. My mama and I hop in the car and head to Walmart, sure enuff, he was in car. I pulled them over and tell them that boyfriend's parents are hunting her because she didn't go to church, ask the boy what his name is and he tells me (can you say DUH!). I tell him he's been told to stay away from my daughter. I tell daughter to take boy home, then take boyfriend and baby home. 1st mistake, difficult child should have been made to set the boy out at Walmart. He has friends, they could come get him. Mama and follow them. Pass boyfriend's parents and they do a 180 in the road and get behind us. Finally pull in near the boy's house and I get out along with boyfriend's parents. I tell boy to get out of our car. He refuses. Sits in the car. Finally he gets out and I tell him that if I ever catch him in our car or around my daughter again I will have him arrested and thrown in jail. difficult child and us leave the scene while boyfriend and her parents and the boy are still going at it.

    Fast foward 10:00 p.m.....receive a call that this boy is going to magistrate's offce cause I threated to "put a cap in him" and kill him. So far I haven't seen a police officer, but I guess there's a chance. 44 and arrested for kicking a loser out of my vehicle!!!

    Pray for me people ... please... and difficult child's statement was..."But Mama she begged me to get him!"

    ---- out of the mouth of babes eh

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    He has a lengthy record and is dodging is PO and he's going to the COPS??? He really IS stupid isn't he? I wouldn't worry too much. Besides.......the other people were there and I'm assuming they heard what you said. Unless they are total difficult child's also, I would think they would back your story.
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    Putting out some loud prayers that nothing comes of this - you and the cops he is threatening to sic on you!

    This sounds like something my difficult child would do..."but mom, he said he needed a ride" "but mom, it was only for a minute" "But mom, he's my best friend's boyfriend - how could I say no?" "but mom, he isn't that bad"...and on and on.

    Sending hugs and some warrior mom vibes. Sounds like a jerk for sure - I wouldn't be surprised if it all backfires on him because surely he will put his foot in his mouth in front of the police.
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    Sending hugs for your troubled heart. I have to admit though- I can see you were upset when you wrote this (I've done that many times so I understand) but I am confused. Which difficult child was this? I think you might get more repsonses if you posted in the General or the PE forum.

    Sorry you didn't get the responses you deserved and needed... can you bring us up to date and let us know how things are now?
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    Arg. Aggravation you don't need!
    I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it. I agree with-Mstng, that he's already in trouble with-the law and he's an idiot for trying to nail you through the magistrate's office. Could he really do that at 10:00 p.m.? Who called you?
    If you don't hear it from a sherrif's deputy knocking at your door, it's just a rumor. He's an idiot.
    So sorry about your difficult child. Sheesh.
    Get some sleep.
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    I seriously doubt the cops will be taking his word over yours. Besides, he's already in trouble and avoiding the cops. Chances are slim he's gonna do anything. Still a major PITA.

    I hope nothing comes of his threat. Sounds like you had enough drama for one night.

  7. Andy

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    What a frustrating night!! Sure left my head spinning. I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.

    Why can't our own children figure out that they do not have to "save" their friends or friends of friends? I keep telling my 17 yr old easy child that she can not solve the problems of her friends - but they keep turning to her for help!! Last night she left the house at 1:30 am to pick up a friend her own age from somewhere (probably a drinking party) and take her home because she didn't have a ride home (wonder if she lost car priviledges for drinking again?). They just don't understand the bad decisions those are - "I was helping" seems to justify life for them.

    The friend she picked up was arrested on her 18th birthday for unruly party, underaged drinking, providing to a minor. Spent the night in jail on a Saturday night and that Monday (just 2 days later!), her mom took her to get her driver's liscense!!! Unbelievable - if parents are behaving like that - rewarding drinking with a driver's license, it is no wonder some of these kids become lost souls.

    Hope your daughter can realize she is too young to help that boy even if her friend begs her. Kids know that when adults leave them to figure out life and face natural consequences, they can often seek shelter in their friends or younger teens who just want to help because they think adults are stupid and mean. "Friend's parents won't give gas money so I need to help get friend to mall." "Friend's parents are so mean." Well, there may be a reason friend's parents are not providing that gas money and by giving friend a ride, you are interferring in that family's business. You don't know the whole story, friend needs to get that help from parents, not other kids.

    I know my daughter will not "get it" until she is about 40 yrs old but we still try convincing.

    I hope things have settled down and you can enjoy your day. :)
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    That's the first thing that came to mind!!!!! Not too bright if he didn't rethink that one out!

    My kiddies are not quite as old yet. I'm sure I'll run into all kinds of stuff in a few years....NOT looking forward to it! Sorry it was such a rough evening for you.
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    by the way, Dancermom, I LOVE your baby avatar. Too funny!