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  1. Hound dog

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    Ahhhhhhhh my fun classes............

    And yet, I even wound up sharing those with Nichole. :tongue:

    She wound up taking the drawing class and oil painting class with me. so much for getting away from the stress in my life.

    I have I guess what you'd call "untrained" talent. What skills I have, I learned thru trial and error and mostly the hard way. I always seem to have to do things the hard way before discovering a much easier way to do them. we got to start our first still life. An arrangement of paperbags we set up ourselves. Instructor showed us how to prepare our paper for charcoal drawing and do a background. So, I wasn't worried.

    Then shows us how to center it........and says ok, go to it guys.:surprise:

    Now this is Beginning Drawing I folks. LOL Not one soul in the room had ever drawn a still life like that...........let alone with charcoal. I've at least done some experimenting with charcoal before, thank God. So most of us just sat there staring at our still life. Would've been funny under different circumstances.

    So.......we get to work finally. The young kid next to me obviously has talent, although he's giving his more of a unique flair, the girl next to him has trouble drawing stick figures so was pretty lost......nor was she the only one.......and mine.......well, not bad. I've got some correcting to do when we start on it again tues that I spotted during our group critique. I am sooooo rusty. Instructor gave us some ideas on how to make them better next time too.

    But this was his way of finding out skill/talent levels. I guess it makes sense.

    Only thing that drove me crazy is that I'm used to smoking when I'm doing this sort of thing and it was blowing my concentration. Finally me and talent boy had to sneak out for a smoke. lol

    We've got the same instructor for oil painting. Makes me wonder if he's gonna say....Go for it on that one too. :sad-very:

    But he's really a nice guy and the other students and the classes themselves are lots of fun and laughs. None of them take themselves too seriously, including the instructor.

    Still..........I don't know how I'm going to find 200 (100 per class) different things to sketch by the end of the quarter for the sketchbook journal. :faint:
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    How fun!! I loved my drawing and painting classes and wish I could start them again!! You'll think of different things, I'm sure. Hey- do you all have to do a nude of someone posing? This is common, you know, for them to bring someone to class for this. LOL!!

    I would feel a little wierd if I had to do that with my kid in the room doing it too, though.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I dunno about having to do a nude. Wouldn't bother me at all. I've got too much of a medical background. Might embarrass Nichole though. ;) :rofl: