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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, May 13, 2009.

  1. Abbey

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    I get a call this morning for a job I applied for weeks ago. It is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. The kicker is that it is a national company that is based in Vegas. Did I pick the right time to leave or NOOOOOOTTTT!!!

    I spent the bulk of the day researching the company and it seems pretty legit. It's one of those 'work at your home' jobs. Most of them are scams. It's an internet business that tries to get small business owners to create a website they can maintain by themselves, hence not having to pay a programmer. I tried a few test sites and they work pretty darn well. Not my style of straight coding, but they work.

    It's basically cold calling, which I can do, and providing customer support if they get stuck. I can't imagine how they would get stuck, but I still have to show father in law how to TURN THE FLIPPING COMPUTER ON. You make your own hours, which is nice. My only concern is that it is completely commission based. That was my red flag.

    He ended up asking me if I would do all 3...cold call, build a temp site and customer support. I told him I'd have to do some heavy duty searching on his company before I responded. He just laughed. You're the gal for the job was his response.

    When I put in my resume, I simply gave him the dozens of websites I have out there for my business. I told him to go to ANY search engine and type in any keyword related words and I guarantee you I'll be in the top 3, probably #1. (This is nerd talk here.) But, I'm going to continue. Sorry.

    The first thing I noticed on their corporate site was website promotion option. I shot him back and email explaining my views that it was basically a crock of crud. It's a VERY long term venture to even get there, then a daily monitoring of your status. It's not just plugging your keywords and pushing the enter key one time. If you tell a client that if they by that byproduct and pushing enter is going to get you to the top of're lying to them. You know it...I know it. It's a very long term tiring process that ultimately pays out in the end, but you have to be willing to have someone who will do that. It doesn't happen in a day, weeks, or even months. And, there is NO guarantee that it will work. I pointed out that there was no disclaimer to that part. Search engines change the way they rank pages by the day. You have to keep up on that.

    Ok. I'm off my nerd fest. If you made it this far...join my club.

    He asked if I would be willing to relocate to Vegas. Where's my ticket?:tongue:

  2. totoro

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    So, are you waffling? Are you leaning? Are your bags packed?

    Now the Kilt will call as well!:hammer:
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    When are you leaving, Abbey? :D

  4. Abbey

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    Leaning? No question there. Kilt...hmmm...

    Still checking out the place.

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    Corny...but things have a way of working out the way they are supposed to.