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    Hi everybody...I am new to this site and curious to see if it helps. I have never been much into message boards or forums, but honestly, I am willing to try anything at this point.

    I have a 12 son who was diagnosed with ADD roughly 4 months ago. He was started on a low dose of Concerta, which is helping in the morning though not so much in the afternoon. We recently decided to try him on a slightly higher dose. His behavior has been much better though, and there are less complaints from his teachers regarding his outbursts or inability to pay attention in class.

    My concern at this point is not so much for him, but for my 3 1/2 year old son. The last year and a half has been increasingly hard for me. He has become extremely defiant and explosive. I have tried every means I know possible to get him to calm preschool he refused to sit or participate as required; at home he is all over the place, never stopping for more than 3 minutes max; in public he is absolutely unbearable, hitting and kicking me or throwing horrendous screaming fits. I do not take him out to eat, I cannot take him to any of my appointments, and even simple errands are extremely difficult. I don't know what to do anymore. I tried to talk to the pediatrician, but it only left me in tears as she explained that I should put him in sports, gymnastics, or not structure his schedule too tightly. I have tried schedules, rules, timeout, parenting classes, counselors...I am extremely frustrated and running out of options. On top of everything else...he absolutely refuses to pottytrain. I have 3 other kids besides him and none of them ever acted this way. The doctor said they won't look at any type of behavior stuff until he's atleast 6. I don't know if I can go another 2 1/2 years like this....
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    Hello and welcome to the site!! You really have found a wonderful, supportive place and you will learn A LOT. I'm sure the others will be along soon with some advice but I just have to say that the doctors telling you her won't look at any behavioural stuff until he is 6 is absolutely rubbish. The earlier you find out what the problem is and treat this the better so don't accept that at all. Sending Hugs your way.....
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    Hello and Welcome!!

    First and foremost, you are not alone...we are all here to offer support through these tough times... do not have to wait for a pediatrician to tell you when to take your child to a specialist. Clearly, something is not right....and you shouldn't have to wait another few years to find out what it is.

    See if you can find a child psychologist/neuropsychologist....and then if your insurance requires a referral, you demand a referral to that specialist from your pediatrician. A thorough neuropsychologist exam should help shed some light on your child's issues and will be a first step in the right direction as far as getting appropriate help for him.

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    Welcome! There are many suggestions for getting behaviors under control for this age group. There is also a good book recommendation for that age called 1 2 3 Magic.