Aussie Crocodiles can v-e-r-y dangerous (not)

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    Everyone overseas thinks of Australia as a place where much of the wildlife, while not large like lions, tiger, bears, etc, is dangerous with death lurking at every turn. The crocodiles featured in Crocodile Dundee are 2000 km away from our home but the other day I had trouble convincing an overseas online friend that I was not in danger being eaten by one in my own backyard.

    One of Marg's (and mine!) favourite comic strips is one called "Swamp" about the 'people' who live in the environs of a typical Northern Australian tropical swamp

    I subscribe to it online and love its gentle, peculiarly Australian humour. My personal favourite character is the Bludgerigar. He adds a new dimension to the concept of the old joke
    Q: What is the call of a 200 kg budgie?
    A: Buddy wants a cracker ... NOW!!!

    Old Croc the toothless terror is another favourite.
    This is the offering from last Friday's strip

    Check this one out and have a look at a few of the others. Enjoy!

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    SO has become fond of a reality show called Swamp People where they bag Alligators to sell. Doesn't understand why I am not as enamored but watching people shoot animals from a boat, even if the are alligators has a ugg factor of about 10 for me. One guy came home from a hard day of killing to run himself a bath and poured a whole gallon of bleach into the water - said it helped with cuts and abrasions. Double eww - no guy would be crawling into my bed with the aroma of bleach accompanying him. just a really gross show

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    LMAO thnx MM :D
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    Very funny.
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    Its kind of similar to the Far Side, which I loved. Thanks for sharing!