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    Another feel-good story -

    I've mentioned Richard Glover before, he's the radio DJ who doesn't wash his hair any more (with shampoo). He's also a newspaper columnist, a very entertaining man. But also deeply caring. He's been down to Healesville (wildlife sanctuary, fabulous breeding zoo of Aussie native animals and birds) to see how the wildlife is going at the sanctuary, he reported on it on the radio this afternoon. There is a link to the mp3 of his report. husband suggested I share it with you.

    Also on the link are some photos of a recovering koala. In the photo you'll see a common way they try to support these animals emotionally - they actually give them a toy koala to cuddle. They have found it greatly improves their survival.


    by the way, sadly the death toll has now risen to 189, with the likelihood of still more to come as the search for bodies continues.

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    Thanks Marg. My heart goes out to all the victims of this tragedy.
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    Wow, Marg, it is just great how so many people just band together to help one another. Continues prayers. Thanks for sharing this news story. I want to hug that little koala.
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    Thanks for the link Marg. So sorry for all those who lost family, friends and possessions in the fires. -RM
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    Just heard on the news this morning - Pink has donated $250,000 to te bushfire relief fund.

    She made a huge impression on us; she was booked to appear on our Sunrise morning TV show on Channel 7, but it was the morning that the Beaconsfield miners finally were freed and she was sitting in the Sydney studio for nothing, no hope of performing (or promoting her tour). But instead of getting all Diva about it, she sat there with no pretentions and waved away all concern and said, "No, this is important. I'll come back another time."
    And she did.

    She also was getting on her high horse with PETA over "mulesing" of Aussie sheep. I agree that mulesing sheep seems cruel and barbaric, until you are shown what happens to the sheep if nothing is done. They are working to findways to avoid needing to do this, but as long as the alternative is worse... but Pink didn't just keep slamming Aussie farmers, when she was told the reasons for mulesing she did a total turnaround on the issue. Again - we love someone of principle, especially if they are prepared to change their opinion when they get more accurate information.

    So in general - Australia loves Pink, for many of the reasons that we value one another. Generous, warm, funny, intelligent, considerate, passionate about doing the right thing by other individuals (including animals).