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    Well, I am at a conference. Learning new and nifty things. Very tired though. It is funny I was in a group today with someone that was sooooooooo anoying and I had to remind myself of how I would deal with one of the difficult children. He was totally a difficult child adult. Ah well nice to know the skills I learn in one part of my life can help in another.

    It was funny when we introduced ourselves today we had to tell something about ourselves that no one would be able to see about us. When I mentioned that I was the mom of three teen agers and gave their ages I was informed there was no way that was possible by several people. I couldn't be older than 25 - max 30. I said bless you. I know they make me feel so much older I was just impressed that they all thought I looked young enough that it wasn't possible for me to have the age of kids I do.

    It was a follow up to breakfast when the person I was sitting with had asked me about my family and I had said husband three kids. She goes how can you leave three little ones at home. I giggled and told her how old my little ones were and I know she didn't believe me. Made me feel good all day.

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    I notice the same thing as a manager. Those employees, especially male, that bother everyone else.............I totally get, and can make a connection with. That is the blessing to having a difficult child!!! Totally. When our life has a positive impact on others, that is a success!!!
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    I think - with your new found age - you should do something YOUNG. Like - get a tattoo!

    I'm glad you are able to apply your skills to the group. I guess duct taping her mouth shut and putting her in a closet was NOT on the menu?