B/4 work...Did I tell you I found a "Pig" for the "Pig Out Basket"??

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    The fundraiser is coming up in a few weeks and I searched (as did some of you) for a "pig" that was cheap to use for the restaurant gift certificate raffle. The pinatas were cute but expensive. Lo and behold I found a fuzzy pink pig "piggy bank" with a big opening on the underside. It was at Family Dollar for ten bucks. When you squish his foot...or is it paw...his ears wiggle and he plays a song! When I got him home to demonstrate his talent to husband and difficult child#1..he didn't wiggle or play. Oops. Went back to the store and they had no more so the Mgr. discounted him to five dollars.

    I'm going to put some hay in the basket to cover the extra certificates that won't fit inside him. I think it's going to look darn cute. Funniest thing is that once I freed him from his wrappings...he WIGGLES and PLAYS. I'm happy! Thanks for your efforts to help me find a pink pig! DDD
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    This little piggy went to the fundraiser...
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