Baaaad Day at Work


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I just had a rotten day at work. It's the quarterly board of directors meeting and the bosses get so uptight and you know how BLANK rolls down hill. All the managers are getting a chewing, but that only makes me feel a tiny bit better. I mean, who wants to get ragged out at work?

And because the board meetings are on the weekend, us managers have to attend to do our reports, so we don't get a weekend, either! We have to be all sweet and nice in front of the board and pretend we all didn't just get chewed out a few days ago.

It's like being treated like children.

So then...

I come home to my lovely three boys who have sat around all day doing nothing.


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I'm sorry work was so stressful yesterday. I never understand why people chew people out at work and think somehow it is suppose to be motivating. Hugs.


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I agree that it is unfair that when the higher-ups get chewed, the chewing goes on down the line. Ugh. I hate it when I see a big meeting coming up in our schedule at work - almost makes me want to feel a cold coming on!!

Yesterday, while I was at work slaving away, husband text messaged me that he was in the pool and the water was cold. Uh, thanks, guy. Then, difficult child asked me how my day was and I said "honestly, tiring" and he said his was, too - yup, he spent it at the beach with his ESY program. Really rough, right?

Hope today is better!