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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Our nine day trip to Disney World is over (thank God!). All in all, difficult child was not as bad as he has been in years past. A few days before we left he asked if there was any way he could bring his laptop. As usual, husband said no, that it would be too much of a pain to bring it, on and on with a million excuses as to why he didn't want difficult child to bring it, however, I put my foot down and told husband that his son is telling him that he wants to bring something that will help ease his anxiety so he needs to find a way to make is happen. "No" was not acceptable. So, he did bring it, along with a movie that he could watch on it and a game that he's been playing on it. Plus, the hotel has free WiFi, so he was a happy camper.

    Now, usually what happens is that we're in the park for a few hours, we have lunch, and difficult child says that he's done and he wants to go back to the hotel, which always meant that someone had to go with him because we didn't want him in the hotel room by himself. Can anyone guess who that was was?? This year, we thought that he was old enough to stay in the room by himself. So, when he wanted to leave husband would take him to the bus stop for our resort and put difficult child in the bus. difficult child would go back and call me when he was in the hotel room and he would stay there. husband, easy child, and I would stay for a while longer and then go back to the hotel for a rest in the middle of the day (usually during the hottest part of the day). When we would get ready to go back out again most of the time difficult child wouldn't want to go, so we made sure that there were things in the room for him to have for dinner (the hotel room had a kitchen, so he was able to make himself easy things to eat) and the rest of us would go out. The only drawback to that was that we couldn't give him a time when we would be back because we didn't always know where we would be and what we would be doing, so every hour he was calling me asking when we were going to be back. I just kept telling him that I didn't know and I would call him when we were on our way. That did seems to work, although he would still call every hour asking if we had left yet.

    He was as well behaved in the park as he could be, at least well behaved for him, anyway. He had only one meltdown in a park during the whole trip, which is really an improvement for him. We used to have one a day during vacation!

    Anyway, I am glad to be home. The kids go back to school tomorrow, husband goes back to work, and I get some quiet time. That is what I am looking forward to!
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    Welcome back! Sounds like maturity to me!

    Too late for you at the moment, but did everyone here know that most parks have "disability passes"? They're not just for wheelchairs anymore. Kids with behavioral and sensory disabilities can get them as well. Generally it gives the child and a riding partner (so it can be a sibling or friend) a jump to the front of the line.
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    Good move on bringing the laptop! Ferb also will bow out of activities and then call repeatedly to see when I will be home. At least they still want to talk to us.
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    Quiet time.. YAY!! Very well deserved. I am thrilled for your family that the vacacy went well. That is alot of stimulation for difficult children. We went last Oct for the first time.