Back to School on Civil Rights (reports by state)

Check out how your state fares on compliance of Special Education Laws:

How did your state fare? You’ll find a complete state-by-state breakdown of the Compliance Report at the Special Education News site:

To see if your state’s Monitoring Report is online, check the U.
S. Department of Education site at
As of today, 30 Reports are online. More will follow. Many of these Reports date from 1993, 1994, and 1995. The most recent
Compliance Report is for Utah (December 1999).

difficult child "18"yo son...One angry young man. Bipolar, CD, probability of Borderline (BPD). Marijuana use, inhalents and other drugs used in the past.
Presently home and depressed...fighting for help from school!
Awaiting disposition for Felonious Assault, and pre-trial for Auto Theft. medications tried - Prozac, Wellbutrin, Depakote. Also tried Pfeiffer vitamin results. Variety of Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Was in short-term Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Presently on 30mg Prozac.
16yo son easy child with ulcer, 14yo daughter easy child with chronic Atopic Dermatitis...having depression symptoms. Married to husband 18 years (hanging on by a thread).

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