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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by julie, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Hi Guys, Today is a better day for me. Thank god.Question where can I go to learn things about this site. Like all the abreviation difficult child(gift from god)? and other things like what does it mean when there is a lock on the litlle envelope and how do I get to replies of my posts.I am 43 and this is my first computer.I stink at this
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    Ok...well dont feel bad about not knowing computers. I got my first one in 1999 and was so intimidated! Never took a class in my life and now I just bounce all over the place on

    There is a link right up at the top of this screen that says FAQ (frequently asked questions) that you can click on that will answer alot of...frequently asked questions! LOL. Cute isnt it!

    The padlock on the envelope means the thread has been locked for a reason. No more responses can be posted.
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    Julie I know that if you just ask...they will respond. Don't be intimidated. You have a wealth of information here. Some of us are a bit nuts, but that goes with the territory. (Quickly looking at those in the corner.)


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