been a while, always know where to come for help!


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yes it has been a long time since last I posted. I have lurked and read many times, but honestly had been having a sort of honeymoon with difficult child. Long story short, she aged out of the emotional needs children's group home March of 06. Was luckily placed at an adult mental health group home same month. Did well for 13 months.....til about 5 weeks ago. Don't know if she has been around older patients too long, or her 4 year lag time in emotional and social patterns from her peers finally caught up to her, but it's been a nightmare since. Culmination is she left the group home to go be with another difficult child she met somehow, somewhere(some of you may remember difficult child has a knack for computer and now has learned of the 1-800 singles hot lines since she has no access to computers where she lives). He is 19, had his sister drive 3 hours at 9:30 Sat night to pick her up and then drive 3 hours back to where he lives(with her 2 yr old in the car.....does this run in his family too???). When we finally were notified (9 am Sunday morning) I immediately down loaded cell phone calls from the last visit here, took them with me, tore her room apart and found a matching number and bingo there she was!!!! Mother of 19 yo admits he has "anger issues" and they both lied, said they'd known each other 1 and 1/2 years and that difficult child was in "college" where they picked her up. ( Did anyone not notice she left with two Walmart bags, no purse, no suitcase etc!) Mother of 19 yo finds out truth, goes to talk with them,(he has no phone, no way to pay, been using sister's) and calls us back two hours later to come get difficult child. I say no way as police have already been there, said without conservatorship papers they can't make her leave. Only way we come is if she willingly goes back to group home. Of course she says no. Finally on Monday afternoon she calls, we put the child locks on so she can't jump out of car on way back(See what this board can teach you!) and immediately take her back from whence she came. So now we are trying to get the conservatorship papers filed as the next incident we will not go back....police will or else she will stay. We also made group home take her to health dept today for exam and know why!!
So the jest is my dear old friends, has anyone else done this yet and is there a trick to getting it done quickly and not costing us the house?( We were told we'll have to put up a bond to handle her finances.........which is all SSI and goes directly to the group home by the way!)
Thanks for reading and WELCOME HOME BIGBLUE! I knew someday I'd be back!


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I am new since you left, but welcome back, I guess!! I don't really have any usefull to add, but just wanted to say hi and I'm sure others will be a long that may be able to give you some suggestions. Sorry you are going through this and that you had to find this board again after so long.


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Hello and welcome back. I do not think I was here when you posted last. I know nothing about the legal situation you are dealing with. Hopefully someone else will come along who does.


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hi ya Blue. welcome home. sad story to read, the boy who picked her up reminded me of ant. sigh.

I wish I had an answer for you. I was thinking only today I would love to commit ant someplace.