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Hey y'all.

Kiddo is 18 now, no drama in the meantime other than the usual, guardianship hearing on May 13, plus...


Sometime soon they will email shipping info. Visit their website if you want to know more. :)

Finally a month of March with no sheriff or CPS visits. That was two March's in a row we had that. She did have a couple of righteous tantrums but nothing triggering her fanciful claims. (Plus her service coordinator noted that over 18 means no more CPS.)

How goes otherwise? Me 'n the Blacksmith are doing loads of construction and concrete pouring, Baby Viking #4 should be along sometime in the next 15 or 20 days,RN has that "soon. Oh yes soon plskthx" look but is otherwise feeling good enough to still be working 2 or 3 shifts a week.

What have I missed lately?


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Nerf!! Hello! I was thinking about you recently and wondering how you were doing. I'm glad to hear all is well. My difficult child is still the same but I've changed the way I think and react to him so I'm doing well. My easy child is 13 and other than typical teen stuff he's a great kid. If I remember correctly it was you who suggested I try "The Yawn Guy" and I still do his video to this day! It totally helps me de-stress and sleep like a baby at night!! Thanks for checking in! Great to "see" you again!

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Hi There! Long time no see!

Glad to hear things have not been worse than usual. If I remember correctly 'the usual' is bad enough. Also glad wheels are rolling for her adulthood solutions. Hopefully something that works all of you can be found.

Over here things have also been usual seesaw. But we are hanging there. And just Friday I got some news about my health that are a huge relief. I hurt my knee early this year and while that was nothing big, just MCL tear, follow-up revealed something wrong in my thigh-bone. It wasn't totally typical looking so there was a cancer scare, but I just got an answer from further tests and while a tumour, it is benign, hasn't sent anything nasty to my lungs (this type of benign tumours can do that and not be that benign any more) and while it needs to be operated, I got very lucky because it is small (makes an operation much easier and more likely successful, this buggers has tendency to reappear if they can't be removed totally) and placed far enough from the knee joint to allow more tactics to remove it and to have better outcome. I have an appointment to surgeon who will operate it in two weeks and will hear more about the options, but at least the ortho who has treated me this far was very reassuring that I will be okay and it would be highly unlikely this would end to more drastic situations like amputations etc.