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    isn't soooooooooooooooo bad :whiteflag: The rest of yesterday and all day today my difficult child has been with me (husband is home today as well ~ took a vacation day). He's not been outside causing mischief, he hasn't been in his room except to sleep and get dressed. He helped make lunch and dinner. He has gotten a bit bored, but I have given him suggestions of things he could do like coloring, word finds, building with- dominoes, read a book. He took a couple short naps (I think ~ because he laid on the couch, covered his whole body with- a blanket for about an hour each). Tonight after dinner, the kids swam for about an hour and then shot some hoops with- husband to help dry off.

    The gal from the psychiatric's office wasn't in today. The treatment facility lady called me back, took some basic information and briefly talked of what they offer. I did get difficult child's application for disability completed and sent ~ made the call to ss office and have an appointment on Aug 11 to discuss it further.

    Then our DHS caseworker called to give me some good news (well generally speaking). Seems our Governor decided kids need insurance and continued coverage for a period of time even if parents no longer meet income requirements. She said I could get a job today, call her tomorrow to report it and the kids would be covered until our renewal in May! This has been a huge thing because medicaid is our only source of mental health insurance (BCBS policy doesn't have mental health in any capacity). If we make too much, we (previously) would lose it and I've expressed concern of this to her before. So then I filled her in on our current situation of filing for disability and trying to get facility placement. I could easily find childcare for the easy child's, but childcare for difficult child is near impossible which leads to the other issue of not trusting him in others care. Before this measure by the Gov, I could make about $1,000 a month before we'd lose medicaid, but we still have the issue of childcare.

    So if I could get respite/childcare in an approved setting, then I could also get out of the house and work. At this point, we would only need about an extra $500 - 750 a month to make it with-o living hand to mouth. We own our home free & clear, we own 4 vehicles free and clear so it's all the other living expenses. God forbid something happen to a vehicle and it needs repaired (like right now my van is with-o air conditioning because the condenser is out but it's not necessity) then it's rob Peter to pay Paul.

    So that's it for my daily ramblings.
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    Great news on the insurance. I'm sure you'll find something to cover that gap. The kids sound like they are having a great summer. Pretty soon, before you know it, air conditioning will truly be a necessity (come Fall).

    Take care,

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    Air Conditioning a necessity in the fall? lol We JUST got central air in June ~ we haven't had the windows open since! But with all the allergies and asthma, inside in the summer is a must many days when the pollen is high or the humidity is horrid.
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    Wow. Quite an update.
    Sounds great!
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    Awesome about the insurance. I wish it were a FEDERAL policy - kids get so ripped in many states on mental health care because it just can't be afforded by many families.

    Way To Go in having the house paid for. We are working on that.

    We can't have the a/c off or the heat off EVER because asthma/allergies with thank you and Jess. Tehy can't breathe. So Iknow how hard it is to take them anywhere with-o the a/c in the car. It even triggered my difficult child's rages at one time - exposure to allergens/heat and his medications. We only have 1 car with a/c so we spent about $200 (Gpa bought this for thank you) for a cordless, rechargeable nebulizer. We don't need it anymore because he is on an inhaler/spacer instead, but it was a lifesaver - literally! And let him go to the ZOO!! You might be able to find an affordable one on ebay and have medicaid pay for it (durable medical goods). If the doctor will fill the form out right.

    Hugs sweetie!!