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  1. Hound dog

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    Ok.....can't find the original thread. Been yard saling all day and am exhausted.

    I can't remember if this was supposed to be an ongoing thread.........or what??

    But I did snatch some good deals for xmas this week.

    Nichole's walmart was selling doll outfit kits reg 9.99 for 2.00. She discovered them when she went to pick up material to sew Aubrey some curtains. I had her pick up 4 kits (they include everything you need) This will be for kayla, either she can sew them or I will........I'll have to wait and see what the skill level is for the kits.

    I have picked out Alex's gift. I have a pattern (free) for a spiderman afgan I'll make for him and I may be able to do it with scrap yarn too.

    Today at a yard sale I found Aubrey a Melissa & Doug's "paper" (it's all wood) doll set new for 5.00 when they run anywhere from 20-30 bucks here. She loves these things. So does kayla but she's outgrowing them.

    I found Brandon an old style Fisher Price farm animals but I think I can find some animals to fill it fairly easily. It's in beautiful shape and even still has the silo!

    Other finds that aren't xmas related:

    husband a recliner in really good shape for 10.00. Now he can stop ruining mother in law's loveseats.

    3 cases of canning jars (large size) for 1.50 per case

    Duffle bag for .50 cents

    more canning jars for .50 cents

    heavy duty snow boots for darrin .50 cents (look brand new)

    Nike winter coat for darrin excellent condition 2.00

    Madeline halloween costume for Aubrey 1.00

    Canning cook book huge that was 30.00 and marked down to 12.00 at the farm store

    huge bag of nerf bullets for darrin and brandons nerf guns 1.00

    tommy helflinger (no clue how to spell that name lol) book bag looks new .50

    new heavy down winter coat for husband 3.00

    This is the first real day of yard sales I've been able to do all summer. Bums me out. But at least I was able to get lots of one of the things I was looking for........canning jars. Now I still need to find those old fashion crank mixers, a cast iron dutch

    Not too bad though, considering 3 sales we went to the stuff was so outrageously over priced I nearly fainted. One lady was selling a large storage jug that will hold liquid or whatever for 5.00 when I can pick up the exact same thing new at the dollar store or even walmart for less than that and I told her so! geez
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    DID YOU BUY HAOZIS 1/2 a boat? or did you get a coupon deal on a yacht?

    yard sailing......PFT........
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    This is why my avatar is a donkey! LOVE..........YOU!
  4. DammitJanet

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    Lisa...I love melissa and doug!!!! I bought Hailie the cupcake puzzle for her birthday. I was looking for the birthday cake one but they didnt have it at the store. I saw those paper dolls but figured she would lose them in no time. I think I will get a set of them for Keyana though and ship them to her. I may just have the store send them to her house.
  5. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone want some brand new Scholastic books for ages 4-5? I have 2 identical sets of about 10 - 15 books? They were being thrown out (still in celephane, brand new) by a teacher at my school. I took them home, they aren't trash. PM me your address, I'll send them out.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Upallnight I PMed you.

    Today I picked up two more gifts.

    A Simba Lion King (original) lamp for Nichole. I know that sounds weird but that girl has utterly worshiped Simba since the day that movie came out in theaters. lol 3.00

    A Tow Mater flannel huge pillow for brandon that even has a zipper back so if he's coming to Nana's he can put his jammies in there. 2.00

    These were Goodwill finds. Love our GW, they're pretty awesome.

    Janet I love Melissa and Doug toys. They're made to last, which can actually be hard to find. And they're somewhat based on the toys we loved as kids. As a kid I was a paperdoll freak. It was so bad I had to make my own by cutting pictures out of catalogs and such and taping them to cardboard so they wouldn't fall apart. Hours upon hours for years of fun. I found Darrin the pizza set he wanted last xmas at a yard sale really cheap too. lol
  7. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Walgreens has certain backpacks on sale for 3.99 this week. We went today and got Kiddo's. I got the Infusium leave-in conditioner with the coupon, then used the register bucks to get her backpack and a filler item (it wouldn't take the coupon because it was $4). Cashier was happy because the filler item gave her credit for a "suggested sell," which she announced to her competition over the intercom, lol. Told her next time they compete to let me know and I'll be sure to hit her register and help her (she was really nice about us ringing up the stuff separate to get the reward bucks). So for a total of $6.42 we got the Infusium, a backpack, and Reese's Cups.
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    oooOOOOOoohhhh! Good to know with the backpack thing. I'll be sure to point it out to easy child.

    Speaking of such, Staples has certain school supplies for 1 cent (yes I'm serious, not little stuff either) and .25 cent and .50 cents. Most are not small things......package of bic pens, package of mechanical pencils, package of erasers, glue and such. Was pretty awesome but they have limit of 2 per household which was fine by us. No crowd which sort of surprised me with those prices.

    I even picked up large rain ponchos and huge boxes of bandaides for 1.00 ea. Walked out with 2 bags full for under 20.00. Not complaining school supplies can be expensive.

    So if you have a Staples nearby check them out for school deals too. :)
  9. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    No Staples close enough for that, but Wal-Mart here has some great school supply prices going right now. This is when I generally stock up on spiral notebooks.
  10. Mattsmom277

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    Wished one of you all lived near the border so if I made a trip that way we could pass stuff on. We've got so many of easy child's things and Matt's things that have got to go, good quality well made things, some quite pricey when purchased new.

    I loved reading of all of the bargains you all found. I did sign up for a few more freebies to be mailed to me. And I got a free full size sample of a specialty tea at the new Tea Shop that I visited with my sister yesterday. I'm putting it away to use as a Christmas gift.
  11. donna723

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    Lisa, when you're finished with your Christmas shopping, could you please start mine for me? Pretty please?
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Donna it comes in waves. I can go a long time without finding a single thing, then one week will be good like this week was. We really do have a nice GW though and we enjoy shopping there. Well, today you had to work at shopping there because it was mid 90's outside and they had no AC inside. whew it was hot. I felt sorry for those working there.