Beware Conficker worm come April 1

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Hound dog

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    This thing looks nasty. Personally..........I plan to have my computer totally off on April 1st.....all day.

    One thing I don't quite get is this thing something that sneaks in via email or such........or is it already there, on peoples newer computers ready to be activated on that date?

    husband says the latter is true. Which seems a bit huge to me. They'd have to gain access to computers in factory to do that. hmmmm

    Just be informed and uber careful guys. This is not an early april fools joke.

  2. klmno

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    Thanks, Lisa! I've had to tackle several viruses and such on my computer already- it hoovers.
  3. flutterby

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    If your computer is already infected with the worm, leaving the computer off on the first won't protect you. It will just start when you turn your computer on the next day.

    Best things to do are:

    Make sure Windows is updated
    Make sure your anti-virus program is updated AND running

    If Windows updates aren't current, update now.

    ETA: Run the free ms scanner first. If you already have conflicker, it will pretend to update but won't.
  4. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    I sent the link to a computer guru friend of mine via IM and this is what he said:

    let me read it to see how overblown they've made the threat

    that's not going to do any good [re: leaving the computer off]

    if they are infected with the worm, it will just start when they reconnect their computers or turn them on

    this article is over the top

    first, 9 million infections is nothing

    at first conficker was a joke

    it wasn't until 2 versions later that it gained any teeth at all

    so saying it "topped 9 million infections" implies that's a lot when it's not

    plus, as long as you are up to date with windows updates, you're fine

    the only people who *can* get infected are those who slack off, and frankly they deserve everything they get [he's a bit serious about computer stuff...hehehe]

    this article is just [carp]

    it won't come under control 4/1. it's already there. the owner of the worm can do whatever he wants now.

    if he wanted to steal personal info he'd have already done it

    same with wiping hard drives

    *and* malware popups

    does this writer even own a computer? [referring to the author of the article]

    I trust my friend with computer issues more than anyone else. In 6 years, he's never steered me wrong.
  5. Marguerite

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    Gotta love Apple Mac. Especially when you've got it set up ro run free of Microsoft.

    Did you know that the world's greatest oxymoron (aka constradiciton in terms) after "army intelligence" is "Microsoft Works"?

  6. eekysign

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    in my humble opinion, conficker is the new Y2K. I saw this coming a few weeks ago---underground rumblings, then a few news reports, and now 60 Minutes is hand-wringing and wailing. There's nothing else that the media has to report on of the "OMG WILL KILL YOU DESTROY YOUR LIFE EEK EEK EEK" variety, right now. We were way overdue for a mass hysteria.

    Flutterby's friend said everything I was thinking. Clean house, be sensible online, and you'll 99.999999% always be fine. I've been active on the net since 1996, and I've never once had a virus of any sort. Don't go to sketchy websites, don't open emailed files unless you a) know the sender and b) expected a file from them/asked if they'd sent it out, and don't-don't-don't live without an anti-virus program. AVG is free, and works very well.