Big week in the Witzend household!


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Mr. and Mrs. Witzend proudly announce that on Thursday, January 28, 2011 they will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary by sipping drinks poolside in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! In lieu of gifts, your well wishes would be greatly appreciated!


Further, Mrs. Witzend will continue the celebration into Friday, January 29, 2011 when she will acknowledge her 50th birthday for free drinks at any bar. Saturday, January 30th will be a quiet day of recuperation.


Seriously, though. We met with the house/dog sitter last night, I'm doing the last loads of laundry, I have to hit the tanning salon one last time so I don't fry too badly the first day, husband is updating videos on his I-Pad, and then we're off for two weeks of the summer that we didn't get last year. I may check in, but probably not.

Everyone - behave yourself while I'm gone.


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Us??? BEHAVE ourselves???? Surely you jest! (I know, don't call you Shirley)

Besides sweetie....I think YOU are the ones who should be told to behave!!!!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a wonderful time, stay away from guys with guns, and don't drink the water! And also :congratualtions::bdayparty:


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Don't you DARE check in!!! That's an order!

Go have a FABULOUS time -- it's not every year you get to celebrate both quarter AND half century anniversaries all in one week!!! :hapBday: :cheers:


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What a wonderful anniversary and birthday gift. 2 wks sounds wonderful. You will be tanned, relaxed and loved. Can't beat that. Hugs.


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Ummm, uhhhhh, there's an emergency...yeah, that's it...and, can't go, so you have to give the tickets to someone...yeah, THAT'S the ticket...and, need to be in New York to watch 4 children...yeah, THAT's It!

Seriously, have a great time, have at least ONE drink for everyone of us and after the alcohol poisoning (I have NO IDEA how many registered users on here, but I know it's a lot!) is taken care of, get some serious fun in!


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NO checking in!!! You two have a BLAST!!! Soak up that sun, have a ton of fun and tell us all about it when you get back. ummm ok you don't have to tell us everything..........but you know what I mean. lol


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Enjoy yourself - you very much deserve it!

And if you do behave - behave the way you wish, not the way parents always think you should...