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  1. Tanya M

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    Has anyone used Bitcoin's to pay for an online purchase? If so what company do you recommend to set up an account?
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    Most merchants that accept bitccoin operate on the darknet, and many of them do not sell legal merchandise. You will need a Tor browser, a VPN connection that hides you IP address, etc.

    Are you interested in buying anything specific with your bitcoin, or just planning on holding it for investment puposes? Be mindful that the value can fluctuate wildly, as it did when Silk Road, one of the largest merchants on the Dark Net, who did not sell legal things, was busted by the Feds.
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    I bought my bitcoin a long time ago speculating that it may go up in value in a decade or so. I knew that paypal, tesla, and overstock accept bitcoin but didn't know if there were any other big companies, so I looked it up.

    Companies that now accept bitcoin payments include Microsoft, Dell, Wikipedia, Twitch, Greenpeace, Expedia and PayPal. Bitcoin now accepted by 100,000 merchants worldwide
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    Thanks for the input. When I used to go visit my parents in S. AZ, we would always do a day trip into Mexico. I was able to buy a hydrocortisone cream at the pharmacia as you don't need a prescription and its much cheaper. I found I can buy it online but one of the sites will only accept bitcoin.
    I guess I could take a beach vacation to Mexico!