Black Metal/Death Metal music???


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Anyone familiar with this genre? thank you's b-day list (yes, he's going to be 16 in less than a month... pass the Ativan), which includes the following groups - CDs, is giving me the heebie-jeebies:

Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine (I just don't want to go there - don't care if they're covering Neil Diamond).
Antaeus - Blood Libels
Death Spell Omega - Kenose (a bunch of funky accent marks over various letters in the CD title, but I can't get past the group's name).
Bathony - Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Dark Throne - A blaze in the Northern Sky
Dimmu Borgir - Enthroned Darkness Triumphant
Nacht Mystium - any CD (at this point I asked him if we were moving into White Supremacy garbage :smile: )
Leviathan - any CD
Melechesh - any CD
Dope - any CD (yeah, like *that's* going to happen).
Belphegor - any CD.

The list goes on...

I know I'm going to have to take a listen to some of this, but thought I'd see if any of you were familiar with this junk or if my son has gone off onto some obscure bizarre tangent once again.


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Can't say that I've ever heard of any of them but they DO sound lovely. :hammer: I've only heard of one band of this nature before and that's only because I kept track of them when difficult child's bio father was a member. I'm sure, though, if you google them or look them up on UTube you'll find some samples of their stuff. Judging by the names I'm guessing your difficult child won't be getting anything on his list.


Sorry that I can't help --not familiar with any of these bands. My difficult child is into jazz, Louie Armstrong, and 50's crooners. Gotta love the AS teens !


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I just read your post to my easy child daughter (16.5) who is a music fanatic (shows every weekend). She tells me that the term Black Metal/Death Metal is actually a description of the "type of sound". She indicates that a couple of them are just really, really "hard/harsh" music but some of them are Satanic, some she has never heard of.

She happens to listen to an extremely varied assortment of music - everything from 80's, reggae, hip-hop, techno, alternative/garage, emo, hardcare, with some metal thrown in. I would go online and listen to some of this before you make a choice or judgement.

Happy Listening :surprise:



Ok - well I just went to google and typed in "Lyrics: Cradle of Filth" and found the lyrics for the songs on the album your son listed. I don't consider myself a prude at all, but all I can say, is WOW. I'm thinking that one is definitely nixed.

That being said, I was a metal head as a teenager. Still am, I guess. Listen to hard rock, not top 40 stuff. The Death Metal never interested me. But when I was really, really angry I would blare Metallica or Megadeath and with the thumping of the music could just feel the anger drain out of me. It provided a release. But the lyrics of Metallica and Megadeath are nothing at all like Cradle of Filth.

Might I recommend a Slipknot CD? Their music is hard, but their lyrics aren't so dark.


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I am not familiar with any either, but I like LDM's idea of maybe checking them out online first.

I can understand your concern, because Dylan loves what I call "hate music". Rob Zombie. Disturbed. KoRn. Eek.




Janna -

I like Disturbed and Korn. Their lyrics aren't hateful - or else I wouldn't be listening to them. But their sound is hard.

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Well, I don't recognize any of them. I listen to all sorts of music, right along with N. But even for much of the stuff I actually really like I don't usually know the groups unless I want to buy it.

I like the idea of listening to some of their stuff first. Although you may wish you didn't. :surprise: :rofl: I do know that I've discovered some pretty great music with some awfully named groups. I guess the contest to shock is still on with bands these days. lmao

In N's case I'll ask if it is a particular one she wants. Then if I think it's iffy I can listen to it before hand. Although I stopped censoring her music when she was about 15 or 16.


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LDM and Mustangchic... really good but really *bad* idea. My eyes, my ears! :surprise:

"hard/harsh" is being kind. Find an AM station, then click to 1 channel above or below, turn it up really loud, add toneless bass guitar and drums being played by a 2 y/o on a sugar high... and I do believe you have Black Metal. On one hand, I don't think *anyone* could make out the lyrics. on the other hand, you know they have the doggone things printed out on the CD liner.

TM - I thought we were done with- Wicca (after 6 years). He's been crabbing because I won't let him start Catholic convert classes while he's in current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (because I know his stay there is going to come to an end, probably this summer, so I want him to wait until his next placement). Who *knows* what this kid is thinking. I'm definitely going to have to gently figure out where his exposure to this loveliness came from - the kid gave me 2 pages of bands.

I'm not a prude either and have a rather wide range of musical tastes (from rap to grunge to metal to that good old fashioned rock and roll from the late 60s and 70s) depending on mood but this stuff?? Beyond my comprehension.

Timer Lady made an interesting, really thought provoking point about some difficult children tonight... they have such a lack of sense of self that they are consumed by outside influences. thank you's current obsession (aside apparently from this noise) is mythology. Obessesion to the point of being consumed. It's been this way since way back when... his whole life has to be put into context of the current obsession. Used to be Mario and Luigi (ahhhh, the good old days), then Pokemon, then we started veering off into darker things. He is a chameleon, really. But since about 10 or 11, he's a very dark chameleon. Sense of power, sense of difference, uniqueness... I don't know. But there's definitely something off about it, still, the total loss of himself into whatever it is at that moment. I mean loss to the point of losing touch with- his surroundings, with real things. I'm not sure if you strip away the obsession there's a whole lot that is just plain old thank you. Makes me worry that he's not anywhere near ready for transition.

Oh well, just another educational experience courtesy of my dear son. Black Metal is noise, and it apparently originated in Norway. In case I'm ever on Jeopardy. "I'll take Obessions, Alex, for $800."


by the way - I'm thinking some Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, Dan Fogelburg, and Nora Jones might be more appropriate for my boy's B-day. :rofl:


Oh no! Not Barry Manilow! Anything but Barry! (I still have nightmares from my childhood.) :surprise:

I can personally relate a bit to what you say about thank you being a chameleon and his obsessions. I struggled with severe deperession from childhood and often felt like that myself, although not to the degree that you describe with thank you. For me it was more of a searching...for that one thing that seemed elusive for so long. I had no idea what it was, had no way to articulate it, couldn't even begin to describe it...but knew it was something that I needed, craved, desired. Now that I'm an adult and have had more life experience I know it was some semblance of inner peace. The music I listened to sounded just as tumultuous as I felt inside, which was the draw.

Just my thoughts as I can only draw from my own personal experience.


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Yeah, that genre is such lovely "music" isn't it??? I know the first time I heard a sample of the band difficult child's bio father was in..........well let's just say Tylenol did NOT cut it. The group is still together but apparently difficult child biofather and another member had a falling out with the head guy. But there is still very attractve video online of him with the band.

I think it's safe to say that if you've heard one or two of these bands, then you've pretty much heard them all. I've never been much for censorship but there is stuff I don't allow in my house and that stuff is some of it. Fortunately, difficult child hasn't really shown an interest in it. The only thing I've really said no to is Marilyn Manson or some cd's that weren't edited. Manson just creeps me out too bad (although weirdly enough, I like the music behind some of his songs) and the edited stuff is because of difficult child's already skewed views on sex and relationships.

I do have to say though........glad we could help "enlighten" your musical education! :rofl:

timer lady

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Two words - Barry Manilow! :rofl:

You need to nip this in the bud, slsh. I'll probably be calling you for help when wm hits this stage of music.

:surprise: :rolleyes: :faint:


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slsh, you said, " He's been crabbing because I won't let him start Catholic convert classes while he's in current Residential Treatment Center (RTC)"
Does this mean convert classes FROM RC, or to it?

My kids are into stuff like Korn, Rob Zombie and Rammstein. I can listen to one or two tracks and then my mind starts to rebel. I looked up Rammstein lyrics, since people had expressed concern - it's actually very clever stuff (although dark). It's almost completely in German (a very effective language for dark, Gothic heavy metal stuff) but it's loaded with double meaning.

I know there are often concerns expressed about dark music leading to dark crimes, but it's chicken and egg stuff. A lot of otherwise nice, normal kids are into some dark music. But the kids who do bad stuff - they're often into it as well. But the music didn't cause it, any more than rock 'n roll caused teens in our era to rush off and have illicit sex.

Do any of you remember how your parents reacted to music and fashions when you were in your teens? I sure do. It's embarrassing to remember that my mother thought Simon & Garfunkel were irresponsible hoodlums and talentless nobodies. I knew she liked close harmony so I had persuaded her to watch a TV special back in 1970. Instead of even listening to it she complained about their 'antics' (they were in a recording studio, nodding in time to the beat and watching each other to stay in sync musically). Then she walked out of the room.
A year or two later she head their music on the radio and asked who that wonderful duo was, and wouldn't believe me when I said it was the pair she had labelled "irresponsible hoodlums".
"Oh no ,this music is MUCH nicer."
It was the same song she'd walked out on two years earlier.



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<span style="color: #6600CC">sue, i'll ask jarrod if he can make some milder yet acceptable suggestions. he's into hard rock, etc. he won't get to it until tonight at least tho. when do you need to know all this by?

kris </span>


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Marg - he wants to convert to Catholicism, which is fine by me. Logistics and timing just aren't going to work right now - the kid had multiple group sessions every night. I think if he waits until next placement, it will be much more doable.

I'm not a believer that music is a precipitator for behaviors in most people. That's really not my concern even with- thank you. (Sheesh, Marg, you got me thinking this morning, LOL). I think what it boils down to is thank you has no internal controls whatsoever and selfishly I simply do not want to have to deal with- this. I guess there's a bit of conformist in me - thank you's got enough challenges in front of him in terms of fitting into the world. This kind of music, and understand that he won't just listen to it, he will engulf himself in it, is not going to help his transition a bit. It will be yet another opportunity to set himself apart, to wear his differences on his sleeve, another excuse for him to not succeed ("people don't respect my choices, blah blah blah). Which again, I don't have a huge problem with- in most people but with thank you... well, moderation or appropriate time and place just are not in his vocabulary.

And yes, I had a mom who abhorred my music but her solution was earphones. on the other hand, while I loved Alice Cooper (still do), I didn't adopt his fashion styles or allow his music to influence my every waking moment. I don't think thank you can separate it.

Kris - you snuck in there. :wink: I've got a couple of weeks before the big day. Would appreciate tamer alternatives. Linkin Park (who I adore) has a similar sound in some of their songs but their next album isn't due out until March (and it's already been postponed several times), and I think they're too "mainstream" for thank you now. :hammer:


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I was going to suggest redirection to groups from the 70's or 80's that sound similar. Both of my kids have borrowed extensively from my CDs instead of buying the "current" music - they actually are listening to the music and feel most of todays stuff isn't produced as well, played as well, etc.


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Sue, just the titles made me :faint:

(I'm so glad I don't know what Rob listens to- lol!)



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Oh my, Wynters, have you listened to all the songs on the CD's? They're lyrics are VERY explicit. Get the words to Down With the Sickness. It's not good. Yes, they're lyrics are hateful.



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I'd never heard of any of these bands either, and we look up a lot of heavy metal stuff because that's what my difficult child likes. I decided I'd look up some of the lyrics and I'm definitely not a prude but :smile: No wonder I'd never heard of the specific bands, I've heard a few of this type of song, it's the kind of music that I've told difficult child would never come into my house. One of the Belphegor songs, that this kind of thing goes through people's minds to actually write down and sing about is something I find very scary.